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Frequently Asked Questions

Thank you for reaching out to learn more about critical issues. I often hear from the community about the issues listed below. The answers below address certain topics, but only represent some of what I or the City are doing on the issues. If you have further questions or want more information please reach out to me and my team by email or phone (818-774-4330).

Find My Neighborhood

The City's Neighborhood Info application can tell you exactly what City service resources are closest to you! Just enter your address or an intersection, and you will be taken automatically to the Neighborhood Info website with your neighborhood services clearly displayed. Click here to get started. 

Intern with us

Our internship program offers high school and college students a unique opportunity to experience the work of a City Council office. The program exposes students to district and legislative office operations and activities of a Councilmember's work. These experiences include working with constituents, conducting community outreach efforts, assisting community based organizations, organizing civic events and projects, databases, staffing the office, and other activities.

Many legislators and senior policy staff began their careers as interns. Internships are invaluable to gain an understanding of our democratic process, as well as an excellent opportunity to create important networks while serving the community.Internships are available to all part-time or full-time students 18 years of age or older. Interns will gain valuable education and work experience by through working with our office. All internship work is voluntary and students will not receive any monetary compensation. Depending on their college programs, students may also receive different types of school credit for participating as interns.Qualified candidates will be invited for interviews. Thank you for your interest in this very unique opportunity to serve the community. Please complete the application and submit to our office along with a resume, cover letter, and writing sample. I encourage you to apply.


Councilmember, Third District


One of the best ways to learn the inner workings of government and your community is through a City Council internship program. The office is looking for bright, self-motivated, energetic individuals who are interested in learning the dynamics of working in a legislative district office.


Among the chief roles of a district office is to keep the local community connected with the legislative work taking place at City Hall. This is accomplished through community-based events, constituent casework, correspondence and everyday involvement with the community of the Council District. As an intern you will be prepared to and provide support to staff with special events, constituent services, and special projects related to general administrative duties of the office. The goal is to establish a workable and mutually beneficial relationship between the legislator and the intern.

Desired qualifications

The ideal candidate must be enrolled in an educational program upon the start of your internship and have an interest in public policy, community organizing, political science, economics, English, communications, public relations or a similar area of study or career path.

Essential duties include:

• Excellent written and oral communication skills

• Strong organizational skills and ability to work with minimal supervision

• Critical thinking and creative problem solving

• Ability to manage multiple tasks and competing deadlines simultaneously

• Proficient in using Microsoft Word and Excel

• Active involvement in monitoring district and City issues, current events and relevant legislation

• Assist in research and planning of upcoming events and projects

• Provide accurate and complete information in response to constituent inquiries and community issues

• Assist with and maintain office procedures, routine correspondence, telephone inquiries and special projects

• Develop clear knowledge and understanding of principals, functions, practices and operations of the Los Angeles City Council

• Assist with responding to a variety of constituent inquiries and issues

• Fluency in other languages in addition to English, a plus

Transportation and other expenses are the responsibility of the intern.


Although unpaid, interns receive important benefits like working directly with elected officials, community leaders and local residents on issues and events related to the 3rd Council District. Interns may also qualify for internship credit from their university or school, as well as earn a letter of recommendation from the Councilmember.

Apply here to intern with Councilmember Blumenfield.


Join a BobCAT Community Action Team


As your Councilmember, I believe that government must be about empowering people. Government must be interactive with leaders actively listening and seeking feedback from the community. Just as the City of Los Angelesa city that is larger than 21 statesrelies on numerous commissions of appointees to help it govern, I have created and rely on my own Community Action Teams, BobCATs for short.

Each Community Action Team has a specific issue focus, including:

  • Business and Economic Development
  • Neighborhood Beautification
  • Seniors
  • Veterans
  • Domestic Violence
  • Emergency Preparedness
  • Youth

Already I have dozens of community leaders actively engaged in these community action teams. For more information on our Community Action Teams, email [email protected] to learn more.



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Make a MyLA311 General Service Request

 MyLA311 connects you to vital City services and resources, including:

  • An intake form to make Service Request for nonemergency issues, such as filling a pothole,  bulky item or trash pick-up, graffiti abatement, street light problems, parking enforcement, and much more.
  • Contact information to connect you with the appropriate City Department to best handle an issue. 

How to download MyLA311

To get started, download the MyLA311 app for Android or iPhone, submit requests using the MyLA311 website, or get in touch via any of the options below:

Note: For emergencies, please call 911.