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I love the San Fernando Valley. It's where my wife and I are raising our children, where my parents are enjoying their golden years and home to the best people in the nation. It is an honor to serve and a privilege to represent the Valley on the Los Angeles City Council.

Please explore the resources offered on this website and remember that my staff and I, whether based out of my district office in Reseda or at City Hall, are here to serve you above all else. Please feel free to stop by – we are ready to help. Together we will work to achieve our shared goals and create the Los Angeles it should, can, and deserves to be. 

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Councilmember, Third District

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    Ending Blight from “Donation” Bins

    -Published by the Valley New Group- From outside convenience stores, to strip malls, to parishes, it is easy to find donation bins on private lots throughout Los Angeles fixed with the D.A.R.E logo or another from a reputable organization. Many have trash strewn about nearby or have collected items left behind by those less fortunate. These bins are not allowed in the right-of-way but these donation bins have become a prevalent blight in parking lots in the West Valley and our entire region. I have heard from concerned residents about this issue. Their concern didn’t stem from seeing donation bins in the parking lots, rather it was because they became magnets for trash, bulky items and homeless encampments growing nearby. Over the past few months, my staff and I have been investigating who exactly owns these bins, how they got there, whether the donated goods actually go to good causes, and when they are sources of blight, what can we do to remove them from private land. The results are not what many would expect. The first fact is that the goods are not directly given to people in need. We found that organizations like D.A.R.E hold licensing agreements with consignment companies such as Unirag that sell the goods for profit. These companies have gone around to businesses, sometimes without the permission of the property owners, and placed these bins on their private property, as well as in the public right of way (without City authorization). They slap a big D.A.R.E logo on it to convey legitimacy. But there have been serious problems between these companies and business owners even if authorization to place bins was given. 
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    Update on the Promenade 2035 Plan

    Recently, the Department of City Planning (DCP) released the Draft Environmental Impact Report (DEIR) for the Promenade 2035 project in Warner Center. Westfield's Promenade 2035 master plan offers great potential for the West Valley, however it is important for all of us to understand the risks and benefits that a project of this scale and breadth entails. The release of the DEIR is welcome and needed, and is a key step in evaluating how this project could impact the West Valley. There is a lot of information to digest and we are working closely with the Department of City Planning to understand the document and suggested mitigations. It comes as no surprise that impacts on traffic and noise pollution were identified and will need to be a major part of the conversation around this project. These issues are important to address and I will continue to press Westfield to create viable and creative solutions to do so. I encourage our community members to review the documentation and comment by June 11th on any concerns or thoughts you have related to Westfield's DEIR. This community feedback is important to the process and to me in order to ensure that your ideas are heard and taken into consideration. Robust feedback on this DEIR will enable us as a community to work closely with Westfield to make their project better for our community.
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