Why can't the City just move people off the streets?

It is not illegal to be homeless and the City cannot force someone to move due to constitutional protections and court rulings. However, the LAPD does have the authority to issue citations or arrest people who are engaged in criminal behavior. I encourage you to call 911 when you see a crime occur to get an officer on the scene as well as make a police report. I suggest you work with your senior lead officers to let them know when crimes are occurring as they are the City’s eyes and ears regarding crime in our community.

If you do not want to see people on the streets, know that it is necessary that the City provide services in addition to having a law enforcement presence. Because of court decisions, the City must make services and housing available to the people living on the streets before it can enforce many of the rules regarding vehicle dwelling, tent dwelling, laying down on sidewalks, etc. Without available services, stricter enforcement will likely be ruled illegal by the courts. Although many people do not accept services, having these programs will provide arguments that will help the City defend itself against the lawsuits that inevitably will come when enforcement is ramped up.