What is the 72-hour parking rule?

Any vehicle parked on a public street is required to move every 72 hours. We do have a problem with parking enforcement resources. I am told the West Valley Parking Enforcement office receives several hundred requests per day and there are not enough inspectors to manage all of the cases immediately – this is not acceptable. I am working with the Department of Transportation to increase patrolling in my district on a more regular basis. During deliberations for the 2019-202 fiscal year budget I was a strong advocate to provide more resources for the Department of Transportation, including parking enforcement. As a result, the Department of Transportation is receiving an additional $20 million which will help alleviate the problem.

Also, if you know of vehicles which have been reported and marked, but have not moved within the time limit, please notify my office at (818) 774-4330. The problem is compounded because many RV owners ignore these tickets until enforcement is escalated.  And, unfortunately, the City does not have enough towing companies as contractors to enforce all of those who flout repeated citations. Further, if vehicles are moving even a little bit, they are not considered abandoned even if they appear as run down. I am pushing the Department of Transportation to use available technologies that could enable them to enforce much faster and at a lower cost.