Vahid Khorsand

Vahid Khorsand is a proud resident of the San Fernando Valley, where he has lived since the age of four when his family arrived from Iran.

He holds an MBA  from Pepperdine, and for fourteen years, he worked with his brother as a partner of a boutique investment research firm based in Woodland Hills that garnered number one performance ratings on multiple occasions. He’s been a board member of several San Fernando Valley nonprofits since 2008 and is the founding chair of the Inspirational Women of the San Fernando Valley sponsored by the United Chambers of Commerce. He has been recognized by the San Fernando Business Journal as a member of the Valley 200 for his contributions to community. He was an appointed member of the Los Angeles Citywide Planning Commission from September 2017 to December 2020, the last 2 years which he served as Vice President, prior to joining the office of Mayor Eric Garcetti.  

When not working or volunteering, Vahid is an avid reader and exercise enthusiast. He’s also known, to the amusement but mostly annoyance of friends and family, to sing and quote songs that have a remote association with current events.