Transportation Infrastructure Improvements

To improve the district and make streets safer and nicer for the community, the following infrastructure upgrades are in the works:

Sherman Way Great Street

  • Provide streetscape and safety improvements in Downtown Reseda along Sherman Way between Wilbur and Lindley, including: “Reseda” monument signs, street trees and median landscaping, a new pedestrian crossing, shade shelters and seating; and “zebra” crosswalks.
  • Traffic-calming measures will be installed on Hart and Etiwanda, including speed humps, a traffic circle, and      pavement markings, to make these streets more comfortable for people to bike to Downtown Reseda.
  • Status: Blumenfield secured $2.5M in former CRA Excess Bond Funds. Contract award expected by end of 2019; construction in 2020-21.

Reseda Blvd Street Improvements

  • Reconstruct and resurface Reseda Boulevard between Victory Blvd and Parthenia St.; repair defective sidewalks; add left-turn signals at key intersections; construct bus boarding islands to enhance transit service between the Orange Line and CSUN; create protected bike lanes and close the bike lane gap between Vanowen and Valerio; upgrade crosswalks;   capture more storm water; plant street trees; and more.
  • Status: Projected cost is $24M; Council approved $17M. Final design expected end of 2019; contract awarded by mid-2020.

New Traffic and Pedestrian Signals

  • In the West Valley, it can be difficult to cross high-speed, multi-lane boulevards, especially for those who walk or bike. Three intersections will get new traffic control and safety devices for pedestrians. All three projects are funded and should be installed in FY 2020. A traffic signal will also be installed.
  • The three pedestrian signals will be located at Tampa/Hatteras, Tampa/Calvert and Winnetka/Gilmore. A traffic signal will also be installed at Victory/Vanalden.

Los Angeles River Valley Bikeway


Existing Bike Path: Mason to Vanalden

  • The LA River bike path extends from Mason St in Winnetka to Vanalden Ave in Reseda. Blumenfield worked with Bureau of Street Lighting to address vandalism to path lighting, and will address concerns about safety and homeless issues.

Future Bike Path: Mason to Owensmouth

  • Upgrade existing path on the south side of the LA River between Mason and Owensmouth to an asphalt bike path with under crossings at DeSoto and Canoga. This will provide high-quality bicycle access to Canoga Park High School,   Westfield Topanga Mall, and the rest of the Warner Center. Funding primarily from State grant.
  • Status: $6M contract expected to be awarded by June 2019. Construction will take about 3 years.

Future Bike Path: Vanalden to Balboa

  • Extend the River Bikeway east from Vanalden Avenue to the Sepulveda Basin, including connections to other on-street bikeways in Reseda, Tarzana and Balboa Park. Funding will come from Measure M; State Active Transportation Program (ATP) grant; Prop K; and other sources.
  • Status: $18.8M ATP grant award expected June 2019, with funding to be provided in FY21-22; Measure M funds to be provided by FY22-23.

Winnetka Avenue Bike Lane Extension

  • Extend existing Winnetka Avenue bike lanes south from Vanowen Avenue to Oxnard Street, to connect to the LA River Valley Bikeway, the Orange Line Winnetka Station and Bike Path, Pierce College, and the West Valley Occupational Center. The lane configuration between Victory and Oxnard is not expected to create traffic congestion, but should reduce excessive speeding.
  • Status: Approved and funded; installation expected mid-2019.

Aliso Creek Confluence Park Phase 2

  • Construct pedestrian bridge across Aliso Creek; build landscaped walking path on north bank of LA River from Wilbur to Reseda, including storm water recapture.
  • Status: Blumenfield secured $4.65M in former CRA Excess Bond Funds. City working to formalize partnership with non-profit to finalize design and construct park.

Metro Orange Line Improvements

  • Metro is planning to upgrade the Orange Line to add railroad-style gating at all crossings to speed transit trips across the Valley; and convert to quieter electric buses.
  • $320M in Measure M and SB1 funding.
  • Status: Community outreach; on-going traffic study; pilot study of gates. Completion expected Winter 2024/25