Traffic Signal Safety Improvements

Traffic Signal Safety Improvements

In the Third Council District, more people die due to traffic collisions than from homicide. Councilmember Blumenfield has made traffic safety one of his top priorities, and he works closely with the Department of Transportation to fund and install traffic safety measures along the West Valley’s wide, straight boulevards that can otherwise facilitate speeding and other unsafe driving. In Reseda, these safety measures include:

·         Left-turn signals at Victory Boulevard and Wilbur Avenue

·         Pedestrian Refuge Island at Wilbur Avenue and Arminta Street (near Blythe Street Elementary School)

·         New traffic signal at  Victory Boulevard and Vanalden Avenue (contract awarded December 2019; to be installed in 2020)

Image of new left-turn signal on Victory and Wilbur. This turn signal had been requested by former councilwoman Joy Picus and other residents of the Jewish Home’s Fountainview campus.