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  • Lori Breant
    commented 2021-07-28 08:27:40 -0700
    Dear Bob, I moved to Winnetka in March & would like to know when you will be addressing the problem directly across the street from my house in the 7600 block of Winnetka Ave on the west side of the street just north of the Winnetka Post Office. It is a collapsed construction site work horse on top of a tree stump/tree roots with trash all around. It has been there for over a year!! It is a horrible eyesore! This is the view from my window that I see every day… and it appears to get worse by the day. I don’t understand why the city can’t come clean this up??? Please let me know when this mess can be cleaned up.
    Thank you in advance, Lori Breant
  • Sioux
    commented 2021-06-11 13:23:07 -0700
    Bob. When will you address, remove, clean-up and clear out the 101 Overpass @ Corbin & Ventura Bl?
    Our neighborhood community and I have contacted your office, left numerous messages, reported to 311 daily, and the LAPD, after 4+ years NOTHING has been done.
    Bob, it would of been so easy if the first few calls from years ago regarding 1 or 2 persons and their junk, shopping carts, trash bags were sleeping there. Now, it’s turned into a Skid Row of the West Valley. Some of your biggest tax payers live just within “feet!!” Of this. It is criminal that you personally have allowed this to happen.
    We have had break-ins, daily mail theft, trash cans gone through and stolen, property stolen from our driveways, porches and even fenced property. Our cars have been broken into and ransacked. Children’s play equipment stolen and a lot of bikes!!
    We can no longer walk and use Corbin to go to our local restaurants, dentist, hair dresser, Temple, banking or shopping. The human waste alone makes it impossible to by-pass the sidewalk and even use the street.
    These people have chosen this life as we have chosen this neighborhood. The big difference is we pay a lot to have what we have, we have worked long and hard, we have given up things that would distract us from our end goal of home ownership, and we would do it all again to be where we are…or would we?
    These people under the overpass have chosen a life style that would not equate success. They have chosen drugs and alcohol to steer their train. They have chosen lazy over hard work. They have chosen a criminal lifestyle then that of a law abiding, tax paying member of society. They have been kick out of every home or persons life because of the choices they have made. Bob please don’t mistake Corbin Ave as a “homeless, poor misunderstood, mentally ill encampment!”
    I don’t believe that the owners in our neighborhood (a neighborhood with historic ties!) when looking to buy thought “location, location, location” would of ever thought that this encampment would ever be part of their landscape of a beautiful well established quiet neighborhood.
    No Bob, in fact many of those people have actually moved out! Yes gone. They couldn’t take it any longer. Fires, fights, fireworks going off all hours, day and night! Drugs deals daily. Prostitution. Car pulling up late nights doing, getting who knows what?
    Bob what more needs to happen? Do one of us need to be on the evening news, missing, beaten, or worse? How about our children, grandchildren?
    Bob…what are you going to do. If nothing then be truthful, remove the 311 APP, and tell us all we are on our own, but please stop treating us like idiots, we keep paying our property taxes thinking that they go towards our surrounding properties, streets, utilizes, police, trash pickup and the overall upkeep. By the looks of Corbin Ave., someone else must be getting our Tax Dollars!! Who could that be Bob?
    No more photo ops, if you (your people) cleaned Tampa & Winnetka then they can surely clean Corbin.
    What do you say Bob?!
    -Sioux Renfro, homeowner
  • James Conlon
    published this page in Contact Bob 2021-02-26 11:16:51 -0800