WEST SAN FERNANDO VALLEY, CA – In the wake of creating a new LAPD Street Racing Task Force in the West Valley, Councilmember Blumenfield announced the latest statistics, highlighting that his effort is helping punish dangerous drivers.

As a result of this funding, there have been 217 citations issued including 55 for speeding, 64 for blowing through stop signs, 10 for red light violations and over 60 for modified exhausts which can cause a major noise nuisance for neighbors. As a result of Blumenfield’s efforts, the LAPD Valley Traffic Division, in conjunction with partners at the West Valley California Highway Patrol confirmed on May 5th alone, 23 vehicles were impounded for various violations including street racing and related offenses and 31 drivers were cited for illegal modification of their cars and other California Vehicle Code violations.

“Over the past few years, more and more Angelenos have been terrorized by dangerous drivers and street takeovers in the middle of the night- we needed more specialized services to help tackle this issue and I’m grateful for the results we are seeing,” said Blumenfield. “I’ve heard stories from constituents who every night of the week are woken by cars racing by their homes at three times the speed limit and I’ve seen video of cars flipping on peoples lawns due to these sorts of stunts. We must keep the pressure on while also continuing our progress on infrastructure improvements that slow drivers down and help protect pedestrians.”

Regarding the May 5th operation, LAPD Deputy Chief Alan Hamilton; Commanding Officer for Operations Valley Bureau said, “The vehicles that were impounded and citations issued can result in enforcement activity up to and including permanently seizing the impounded vehicle for repeat violators and heavy fines for engaging in illicit street takeover and street racing activity. The Department wishes to thank the Office of Councilmember Blumenfield for provisioning the overtime that made this enforcement and education effort possible.”

Earlier this year, Blumenfield allocated $100,000 to create this new Task Force to target the rise of criminal behavior behind the wheel in his district. This effort has been focused on corridors where there has been exponential growth of speeding and organized street racing like Vanalden Avenue from Gleneagles Drive to Ventura Boulevard, Valley Circle Boulevard and Victory Boulevard, and other CD3 locations as determined by LAPD.

Blumenfield will continue to update press and residents on the progress of this program and more statistics come in from law enforcement.

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