September and October Resurfacing in the West Valley

Did you know that each year the Bureau of Street Services (BSS) resurfaces more than 2,400 lane miles of road? Here are the Council District 3 streets scheduled for resurfacing in September and October 2014.

It's great to see this kind of progress on our roads, but it is just a start. And for every street that is resurfaced, there are many many more for whom the resources simply will not be available at this time. My District has 1,607 number of failed streets and 1,100 number of streets in fair condition. To repair all the streets in my District would cost over $300 million. The entire budget for street services is only $164 million and despite a major increase in funds, this year’s budget only contains approximately $131 million for street repairs, approximately $4 million for tree trimming and $27 million for sidewalk repairs.

I will continue to work to find ways to increase our street services budget, fix our overall City deficit, solicit other funds (i.e, federal, state and possible private partnerships) as well as find cheaper and more efficient ways to allocate the limited funds that we do have.

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