Reimagine Ventura Report is Here

Ventura Boulevard is the San Fernando Valley’s Main Street, and it’s iconic enough that it easily goes the by “the Boulevard” or just “Ventura.” But this area, specifically the western most portion, has the potential to be even better. I welcome the opportunity to help it thrive with my “Reimagine Ventura Boulevard” initiative.

The goal of the “Reimagine” efforts is to create a small town Main Street for Woodland Hills and to help support local business with additional parking, enhanced landscaping, and safer, better access for pedestrians. The idea was sparked by the members of the Woodland Hills Neighborhood Council who believed that parts of Ventura Blvd. needed a clear vision for it's small town main street and believed diagonally parking could help with that vision.

After about a year of community meetings and thorough traffic studies, the Los Angeles Department of Transportation and expert consultants have released their report detailing some proposed changes to Ventura Blvd. between Royer and Sale Ave. which would create new parking, street trees, landscaping, and better protect pedestrians with new crosswalks and signals.

Over the next several months plans will be finalized, landscaping designed, and funding sought to make this community initiated project to move forward. Nothing in life is prefect so course corrections may occur to make this part of the Boulevard shine brighter. The striping and parking would be fashioned a pilot program to help insure flexibility.


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