Blumenfield Pushes Water and Energy Conservation Measures

Council approves multiple measures to increase utilization of innovative energy efficient and water-wise materials and landscaping at parks and City facilities.

LOS ANGELES, CA –This week, Councilmember Bob Blumenfield secured Council approval on a series of measures designed to increase the utilization of innovative energy efficient and water-wise materials and landscaping elements at homes and City park and facilities. The new policies were introduced as part of Blumenfield’s ongoing efforts to “green the Valley,” and city.

Based on today’s action, the Los Angeles Department of Recreation and Parks will work to incorporate innovative permeable materials in parking lots when renovating or building new park facilities. This is a critical step to allow for water to seep in to the water table, which will reduce harmful runoff while promoting groundwater recharge and combating urban heat island effects.

Recreation and Parks was also directed to remove unnecessary turf at City parks in favor of drought-tolerant landscaping and low maintenance alternatives. These initiatives expand existing water conservation efforts already underway.

Yesterday, Blumenfield passed through Council a motion to engage the City in the Property Assessed Clean Energy Program (PACE), which allows for residents and businesses to finance water and energy efficiency upgrades through an assessment on their property tax bill. The current PACE program was enabled by legislation passed by then Assemblymember Blumenfield in 2009.

“These are critical steps in moving towards a more sustainable City in a period of unprecedented drought,” said Blumenfield, who serves as Vice-Chair of the City Council’s Energy and Environment Committee. “The people of Los Angeles are reducing their use, and government must do the same. The key to reducing our City’s water use must be collaboration between Departments and Agencies,” he added.

On Monday, Blumenfield broke ground on a new Water-Wise Demonstration Garden at the West Valley Municipal Center—which will replace some 20,000 square feet of thirsty turf with California friendly landscaping at the Municipal Center and neighboring West Valley Library.

This summer, Blumenfield took similar steps at his Woodland Hills home, replacing 1,750 square feet of turf with California friendly landscaping. In October, Blumenfield introduced legislation that would add environmentally friendly artificial turf to the menu of options available to Angelenos interested in replacing their parkways with low water alternatives.

The actions compliment Mayor Eric Garcetti’s recently announced direction to expand California friendly landscaping at City facilities as part of his recent executive order that seeks to cut citywide water usage by 20%.

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