Blumenfield Celebrates Completion and Opening of LA River Bikeway in the West Valley

LOS ANGELES, CA – Los Angeles City Councilmember Bob Blumenfield was joined today by City officials and community members to cut the ribbon on the third and final phase of the LA River Bikeway in Winnetka, running along the southern portion of the Los Angeles River from Winnetka Ave. to Mason Ave. The first phase begins at Vanalden Ave.

“The completion of the LA River Bikeway project is a milestone accomplishment in realizing the dream of the LA River as a 51-mile long natural and recreational resource, and is an important addition to the bike infrastructure of the San Fernando Valley,” said Blumenfield.

Following the ribbon cutting, bicycle-mounted LAPD officers from Topanga Division joined community members to activate the bike path—entering at Delco Ave. and biking the stretch from Mason Ave. to Winnetka Ave., and beyond.

Phases 1 and 2, completed in 2012, extended the bikeway from Vanalden Ave. to Winnetka Ave., but with the final section now complete, West Valley residents have access to 2-miles of uninterrupted bikeway to promote both multi-modal transportation and healthy lifestyles.

Blumenfield cuts the ribbon on 2-miles of uninterrupted bikeway along the LA River. Joining him from left to right: Anthony Jusay, Los Angeles County Metropolitan Transit Authority (METRO); Gary Lee Moore, City of Los Angeles Chief Engineer; Barbara Romero, Board of Public Works Commissioner; Kevin James, Board of Public Works President; Bob Blumenfield, Councilmember, City of Los Angeles; Seleta Reynolds, General Manager Los Angeles Department of Transportation (LADOT); Omar Brownson, Executive Director, Los Angeles River Revitalization Corp.; Ed Ebrahimian, Director, Bureau of Street Lighting. On August 28, 2014.

The bikeway includes asphalt concrete paving bounded by a bio-swale full of vegetation for the drainage and treatment of storm water. Solar light-emitting diode (LED) lighting helps ensure safety while saving energy and reducing maintenance costs.

Additional features include habitat landscaping, decorative paving, metal railings, exercise equipment and resting areas with benches, interpretive panels, and drinking fountains. The bikeway will be open 24/7, and will be closed in the event of rains when the River is needed for flood control.

The bikeway was funded primarily with through Metro’s Call for Projects Program and Proposition 50. As well as through a combination of federal funds related to the widening of the Winnetka Ave. and Vanowen St. bridges and the American Recovery Act, along with Proposition C and Proposition G funds. The third and final phase was awarded in December of 2012 and completed at an estimated cost of $4.6 million. The estimated cost for the combined 3 phases was $11.6 million.

Community members activate the newly opened bike path, on August 28, 2014.

"This project not only represents a multi-million dollar investment in the community, but it is a major milestone for our city and our continuing commitment to the revitalization of the Los Angeles River," commented Board of Public Works President, Kevin James.

"This is an exciting new addition to the Los Angeles River bike path network. We look forward to the day when people can ride their bicycles along the LA River from Long Beach as far north as possible,” said LADOT General ManagerSeleta Reynolds. “This addition will provide people with options for safe, enjoyable walking and bicycling to support healthy neighborhoods and strong communities."

"This project not only represents a significant investment in the community," said City Engineer Gary Lee Moore, "but it is a major milestone for our City and our continuing commitment to the revitalization of the Los Angeles River. Every time we add more miles of bikeway, we get closer to realizing our goal of building a bikeway that connects the entire LA River."

“We wanted to ensure this bikeway can be used by Angelenos day and night, so we brought sustainable, renewable, solar-powered LED lighting to the bikeway,” said Ed Ebrahimian, Director of the Los Angeles Bureau of Street Lighting.

“At Metro, we are pleased that we were able to contribute nearly $5 million, or the lion’s share of this project’s funding, through our agency’s Call for Projects Program,” said Art Leahy, Metro CEO.  “Bikeway improvements, particularly along the L.A. River, are critical investments to help make Los Angeles a world-class multi-modal community.  Whether it be transit, highway, pedestrian or bicycle improvements, Metro is delivering better and more effective transportation options for all Los Angeles County residents.” 

Also on hand to celebrate the opening were Board of Public Works Commissioner Barbara Romero, Omar Brownson, Executive Director of the LA River Revitalization Corporation, and Carol Armstrong, Director of the Los Angeles River Project Office.

Projects like these are part of Blumenfield’s ongoing efforts to green the Valley and encourage healthy outdoor activities like cycling.

In January, Blumenfield led hundreds of Valley residents on a community bike ride to highlight bike infrastructure in the San Fernando Valley.

Blumenfield addresses community members and others who contributed to the completion of the bikeway, on August 28, 2014.

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