Blumenfield Takes Action to Expand Access to Recycling

Measure would ensure compliance with Blumenfield legislation.

LOS ANGELES – Building on his efforts to increase recycling in the State of California, Councilmember Bob Blumenfield today introduced a measure to ensure that Los Angeles renters are able to recycle, consistent with the Renter’s Right to Recycle Act (AB 818).

This law, authored by then Assemblymember Bob Blumenfield, took effect in 2011.

“This motion is a bridge between what I’ve done in Sacramento and the work I look forward to continuing to do on behalf of Valley residents,” said Blumenfield. “In a city as large as ours is, where multi-family dwellings represent more than one third of all housing units, the benefits of comprehensive access to recycling services are innumerable.”

AB 818 requires owners of multifamily apartment buildings consisting of five or more units to ensure that recycling services are made available to tenants. The Act was written to correct the imbalance where, prior to passage, no more than 40 percent of Californians living in multifamily dwellings had access to recycling opportunities contrasted with nearly 70 percent for residents of single family homes. AB 818 expanded access to recycling to more than 7.1 million Californians.

Today’s motion instructs the Bureau of Sanitation to report on the implementation of recycling programs—including the percentage of multifamily dwellings currently participating in recycling programs.

While in the Legislature, Blumenfield authored more than 50 bills which are now law. Legislation put forward by Blumenfield has since stabilized the budget, improved the environment, and increased access to technology in our schools. Blumenfield’s record of accomplishment serves as the foundation for his ongoing efforts to improve quality of life in the San Fernando Valley and across Los Angeles.  


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