Blumenfield Applauds Council Action on Minimum Wage Ordinance

LOS ANGELES, CA – Los Angeles City Councilmember Bob Blumenfield today made the following statement following the City Council’s vote to move forward the Citywide Minimum Wage Ordinance.

The final motion incorporates several policy suggestions raised by Blumenfield in the months since Mayor Eric Garcetti proposed increasing the City’s minimum wage:

“President Kennedy famously proclaimed that 'a rising tide lifts all boats,' and today, through a thoughtful, deliberative process, we've created a policy that will give Angelenos the raise in wages they need and deserve, while lifting the economic and spiritual tide of our City, including for our most vulnerable populations.

The Citywide Minimum Wage is among the most consequential policy decisions enacted by this Council in years, and as with any major policy, it is crucial that it be crafted in a way that is thoughtful and deliberative to ensure that we achieve our goal of lifting Angelenos out of poverty.

To that end, I have been an advocate of an increase that would consider the position of non-profits that serve our most vulnerable populations, including children, seniors, and the developmentally disabled, especially those that rely on federal and state dollars reimbursement rates.

Similarly, I have been adamant that in order to guarantee the success of any increased wage, steps must be taken to monitor its impacts on jobs and earnings and there must be an opportunity to consider any policy, schedule, or other adjustments needed based on that data. I am pleased that the proposal approved today accomplishes these goals.

Today the City Council, under the leadership of Council President Wesson and Chairman Price, has taken bold action, and through a robust debate has done so in a way that will ensure the broadest possible benefit to the economy.”

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