Blumenfield Joins Governor Brown, Prime Minister Netanyahu, as California Strengthens Economic Ties with Israel

Agreement finalizes work Blumenfield began in Legislature.

MOUNTAIN VIEW, CA – Los Angeles City Councilmember Bob Blumenfield today joined Governor Jerry Brown as he signed a memorandum of understanding (MOU) with Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, to strengthen trade, research and economic development ties between California and the State of Israel, with an emphasis on water conservation, alternative energy, cybersecurity, health and biotechnology, education and agriculture technology.


“Israel and California share more than culture and climate,” said Blumenfield. “We represent two of the most dynamic high-tech sectors in the world, and it only makes sense that we redouble our efforts to work together for our mutual benefit.”

Today’s MOU evolved from a similar proposal by then-Assemblymember Blumenfield in 2009. That bill, AB1032, would require the Governor to establish a memorandum of understanding to formalize a relationship between the state and Israel to foster technology development, business development, and educational opportunities in solar energy and environmental technology industries.

Although that effort was not successful, it touched off years of collaboration between Blumenfield, the Consul General of the State of Israel and the Governor, Lee Wallach of Faith2Green, and others, leading to today’s achievement.

“From the San Fernando Valley to the Silicon Valley, strengthening our ties with the State of Israel is an important economic force multiplier, and I applaud Governor Brown and Prime Minister Netanyahu for signing this historic agreement,” concluded Blumenfield.

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