Blumenfield Introduces Measure to Repair Post-Storm Potholes

Record storms have wreaked havoc on city's roads and highways

LOS ANGELES – Today Councilmember Bob Blumenfield took steps to ensure urgent repair of the City's roadways following a series of storms that have created unprecedented numbers of potholes. His motion directs the Bureau of Street Services to report on their ability to make all needed repairs in a timely manner, and instructs City departments to work with the California Department of Transportation (Caltrans) to make needed repairs on freeways and state highways that include many of the city's busiest streets.

“Everyone who drives in Los Angeles knows that we have an alarming number of potholes and with the recent storms the problem has gotten worse,” said Blumenfield. 

Compared to last winter, the number of calls requesting the City to fix potholes have doubled from 45 to 90 each day.

Blumenfield stated, “Potholes are a serious quality of life issue that not only effects Angelenos but all the tourists who visit our City. We need to step up and get the repairs made as quickly as possible.”

Potholes are formed when water erodes pavement, and typically the Bureau of Street Services is able to keep pace with requests for service within a couple days. However, today city staff reported to the City Council that repairs are taking longer than average due to the sheer volume of pothole requests. A backlog of repair requests that leave potholes unfilled cause drivers headaches and can damage vehicles.

Blumenfield noted that the first step to getting a pothole fixed is actually reporting it. Drivers can report potholes via the City's 311 phone line, its 311 app (MyLA 311) or via


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