Blumenfield Fights for Valley's Fair Share of Measure M Local Returns


Following the passage of Measure M in November, Blumenfield has put forward a motion to ensure all regions get benefit of Local Return funds

LOS ANGELES – Today Councilmember Bob Blumenfield introduced a motion that would protect the equality of Measure M Local Return funding and ensure the fair distribution among all fifteen council Districts and regional areas.

“When Angelenos went to the ballot box and voted for Measure M they were not only voting to improve and upgrade our public transportation, they were promised that part of the revenue raised would go to local projects that would make a direct impact in their day-to-day lives,” said Blumenfield. “We must make sure that the West Valley, and all of our communities, gets their fair share.”

This past November, voters overwhelmingly passed Measure M, which increases local sales tax to fund dramatic transportation infrastructure improvements across Los Angeles County. But each of the fifteen Council districts has a population greater than 86 of the other 87 cities in the county so it is vital to allocate those funds based on population. Without a City Council driven policy to guarantee that all areas of Los Angeles benefit from Local Return funds, a disproportionate allocation could leave some areas severely shortchanged.

A key reason why so many supported Measure M was the Local Return component under which 17% of the revenue generated would directly go back to each jurisdiction based on population. The City of Los Angeles is expected to receive more than $56 million per year in Measure M Local Return funds, including $21 million annually for the San Fernando Valley; $5.8 million for the South Bay; and $5.9 million for Westside Cities. However, within the City of Los Angeles, there is no guarantee that the West Valley or any area will see projects funded by LA’s Local Return. Blumenfield has long advocated for the Valley as Chair of the San Fernando Valley Council of Governments Transportation Committee.

Blumenfield stated, “Although funding differences will naturally occur each year between areas with various projects, my goal is to ensure an equitable distribution of these tax revenues over time.”

The motion specifically instructs the offices of the City Administrative Officer (CAO) and the Chief Legislative Analyst (CLA) to coordinate with relevant City departments to report within 60 days to the Budget and Finance committee with a plan to ensure the fair distribution of Local Return funds over time and to provide an annual “true up” to allow for the appropriate allocation of funds. Annually, funding differences between districts is expected. 


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