Partnering with the LA Conservation Corps, Clean Streets Clean Starts Program, and LA River Walkers

To keep the West Valley beautiful, Blumenfield regularly hires the Los Angeles Conservation Corps (LACC) to conduct additional clean-ups and beautification projects throughout the district. By partnering with the LACC, in the calendar year 2019, West Valley communities had 52 streets regularly maintained, 138,539 pounds of trash collected, and 211,847 square feet of weed abatement. Additionally, Blumenfield has provided funds to Don Larson’s Clean Streets, Clean Starts program that enlists people experiencing  homelessness to clean up the community by compensating them with gift cards. For the LA River, Blumenfield routinely provides supplies to the volunteer group LA River Walkers who help provide clean-ups. Blumenfield also works with other volunteer groups who are in need of supplies, resources, and support.

Also, Blumenfield has been working with the General Manager of Street Services on a plan to double the number of streets that receive sweeping, without increasing the cost. The plan involves moving to an every other week schedule for the streets that are currently posted, enabling more streets to receive regular cleanings.

These are several ways that Blumenfield works to go beyond what the City offers to supplement City services right here in the West Valley. If you are interested in joining his efforts to beautify the City please consider joining his BobCAT by emailing [email protected] with the subject line "Joining BobCAT on Community Beautification."