New Stay at Home Orders

This week there was some confusing news around the Mayor’s announcement of the modified COVID-19 ‘Stay at Home’ order. Essentially all his new order does is bring the city in-line with the LA County guidelines that took effect on Monday. On Thursday, the Governor issued a new order which will be applicable soon for regions with high strains on health care services including eleven counties in Southern California.
LA is in a dire situation right now. More people are testing positive and being hospitalized than any other time during the pandemic. The Governor and County have been clear that if these rates continue to go up more restrictions will go into effect, especially in areas where health care services are under significant pressure. Health officials are asking us to stay at home as much as possible and to continue to abide by physical distancing and following hygienic guidelines. Though many of my colleagues and I voiced our serious concerns about the impacts of recent closure of outdoor dining, most of these decisions are in the hands of our County Health Commissioner and the county supervisors. But it’s up to all of us to do what we can to stop the spread, bring the positivity rate down and keep ourselves, our families, and community safe.
So, what does this new order actually mean? Below are some key points from the Mayor’s and County’s health orders:
-All public and private gatherings of any number of people from more than one household are prohibited, except for outdoor faith-based services and people participating in an outdoor protest.
-People stay home as much as possible except for essential activities.
-If you can telecommute from home, please do so to avoid leaving your home.
Beyond essential businesses, the following will remain open:
-City Parks and Trails
-Beaches for active recreation
Here are the key issues in the upcoming order from Governor Newsom:
-For the next three weeks personal services including hair and nail salons will be closed and restaurants will be required to return to take-out service only.
-Retail businesses must operate at 20% of capacity inside at any one time.
There is a lot of hope on the vaccine horizon but over the next few weeks we need to do what we can to lower the positivity and hospitalization rate. Please stay home when possible, continue to physically distance, and help mitigate unnecessary risks.
To learn more about the Mayor’s order, go to

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