Improving Accessibility with the Street Furniture Project

By the end of 2021, the City is expected to select a new contractor to provide shelters and other amenities for bus riders. Without them, bus riders are often forced to wait in sweltering heat. That is a particular problem in the West Valley, where the heat is intense and waits for buses can be long. The contractor will provide the shelters at no cost to the City in exchange for permission to include advertisements on the shelters, some of which may be digital. The City is also expected to share in the advertising revenue, which could be used to plant trees, repair sidewalks or other neighborhood projects. 

The Public Works Committee chaired by Councilmember Blumenfield directed Streets LA to station proposed bus shelters at various locations across the City on a temporary basis to give Angelenos a chance to view proposed technologies and provide input before a contractor is selected and before any decisions are made about time, place and manner when it comes to advertising. For more information, visit Councilmember Blumenfield will provide additional updates when technology demonstrations are scheduled in the West Valley, and as the City develops rules and regulations for deciding where these amenities will be installed.