How fast do potholes get repaired?

When it comes to actual potholes – holes in the street that can be repaired with an asphalt patch, the City’s record is actually very good. I helped champion and push for a grant through the Innovation Fund (the Innovation Fund is a program run through a committee I chair) that provides the repair drivers Ipads. That, along with significant improvements in our MyLA311 system, resulted in the fact that potholes are now fixed on average, when our weather is not inclement, within 48 hours once they are reported!

When you report the pothole using your smart phone and the MyLA311 app, you can send the geo-location or nearest address of that pothole to the City instantly and it gets integrated into the repair driver’s route in real time. This has resulted in the remarkably fast repairs we are now seeing.

Of course, the clock only starts ticking when someone reports the pothole. That is why I always encourage members of our community to use the app and make a report.