How do I get a sidewalk repaired?

The Sidewalk Repair Program (SRP) is tasked with evaluating and repairing sidewalks. Currently, there are over 30,000 service requests for sidewalks across the city and approximately 11,000 miles of sidewalks. To manage the evaluation and prioritization, the SRP schedules sidewalks with request for ADA improvements first. Residents in need of ADA access can make a request.

You can request all sidewalk repairs through the MyLA311 app or by using this link. The Access Request Program is specifically for people with, or on the behalf of people with, a mobility disability who encounter issues caused by broken sidewalk and barriers. This is the type of request prioritized by the SRP. The general sidewalk repair program is also available for reporting non-ADA issues with our sidewalks. Also, the City’s Sidewalk Rebate Program provides reimbursement for property owners who fix their adjacent sidewalk, however, at this time the application period is closed due to the immense number of applications.

After a sidewalk request is made, the SRP will evaluate and assign a score to the sidewalk. This score is based on several factors including damage severity, ADA compliance, and the volume of pedestrian traffic, among other factors. A maximum score of 45 indicates a sidewalk is in need of immediate repair. Due to the overall backlog of requests, sidewalks with a score of 45/45 are prioritized first. To learn more about the scoring system check out the Council Report on the prioritization and scoring system for the Sidewalk Repair Program.

As Chair of the Public Works and Gang Reduction Committee and a member of the Budget Committee I have been advocating for increasing funds for sidewalks and maintenance and will continue to search for creative solutions to address the issue of broken sidewalks. Creative solutions include meandering sidewalks that avoid the problem of overgrown roots, sidewalks constructed with alternative materials, removable tile sidewalks etc. Also, I successfully pushed for additional funds in the 2019-2020 City budget which would be allocated to the general sidewalk repair program – above and beyond the $30 million per year for the ADA-related repairs which the City has committed to fund for 30 years.  

These general sidewalk repair funds enable the City to use techniques such as diamond cutting, concrete grinding, and apply other technologies to repair sidewalks quickly without rebuilding them to full ADA standards. This will expedite simple sidewalk repairs, improve the passability of many sidewalks, and allow the City to maximize efficiency.