Donating to Non-Profits during the COVID-19 Pandemic

Dear Friend,                                                                    

Our West Valley non-profits are on the front lines in the fight against the Covid-19 pandemic.  While they may not be providing direct medical services, they are providing food, supplies and other essential support for people who are being impacted by the virus medically and financially. Many of these non-profits are experiencing a spike in community need at the very same time they are losing resources. Food Pantries have long lines and more clients than ever, while at the same time, many of their regular donors are not giving because either their businesses are closed, or they no longer have overstock groceries to give. Also, many of their regular volunteers are staying home because they are in a high-risk category because of age or underlying condition.

I’m writing to solicit your help. Please join me in donating funds to these important West Valley non-profits. I have re-organized my district office discretionary budget to free up more than $100,000 and I have donated all of this money to the below listed West Valley non-profit organizations. These are all groups with whom I’ve worked with throughout the years and know first-hand about their extraordinary work. Each group filled out a simple donation application form where they described their need and how they would spend emergency funds. Please consider making a donation to any or all of these organizations.

For your convenience, I have hyperlinked each organization’s website below so that you can see for yourself what they need and read about their mission. It would mean a lot to our community and to me if you are able to help by donating. Also, please send me an email about your donation, so that I can thank you properly, and I can keep track of the totals.

Also, please be sure to sign up for my newsletter to get time-sensitive local updates. My team and I are doing a lot of creative things to help fight against this pandemic and help provide relief for residents. And, if you or someone you know needs help, please contact my office at (818)774-4330 so that we can connect you with that assistance or the person or organization that can help.

These are trying times but we will get through them. Thank you for considering this appeal. Stay safe. Stay healthy. Take care.

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