Are you Interested in Serving our City as a Commissioner or Adviser? Let Us Know

Are you interested in serving as a commissioner or adviser? The City of Los Angeles has many appointed boards that oversee or advise various departments. Most are appointed by the Mayor, but some are appointed by Councilmembers for specific areas or roles.

For example, I am currently reviewing nominations for an appointee for the City of Los Angeles Health Commission which has a mission to determine the health needs of the people of the City of Los Angeles, find out whether those needs are being met, and to help determine the best and most cost effective ways of meeting those needs.

I am also looking to appoint someone to the Community Forest Advisory Committee (CFAC), a committee that works with the City to promote and improve the urban forest, and advises on best practices regarding planting, maintaining and replacing trees.

The Department of Aging seeks older Angelenos to serve on their Advisory Council. When called upon for appointments by the Mayor, I will be happy to recommend residents from the 3rd Council District. A full list of commissions and their members can be found here.

Additionally, I rely on community members to serve on my BobCAT Community Action Teams. These teams help with critical issues in the district, including Emergency Preparedness, Economic Development, Beautification and Domestic Violence. These teams focus on issues in the West Valley and there are many opportunities to be appointed to one of these action teams.

If you are interested in serving on a Commission or BobCAT, please email me at [email protected] and include a cover note about the issues or commissions most of interest to you. Please include a resume or CV that includes information on your areas of expertise and experience, and contact information that includes home address, phone, and email. If you do not live in the Third District but are interested in serving, you are welcome to submit your areas of interest, but I usually prefer to appoint stakeholders from my district.

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