Creating the Community Action Team BobCAT on Small Business Outreach

To create synergy between the City and local business community, Blumenfield and his Economic Development and Local Business Consultant Kevin Tamaki partnered with members of the West Valley small business community to create a BobCAT Community Action Team on Small Business Outreach. Together they regularly visit small businesses all across the West Valley to check in with the owners, provide existing City services and access to workshops, and listen to local issues. These outreach visits have led to Blumenfield authoring many motions that have streamlined services for small business owners, especially during the COVID-19 pandemic.

The BobCAT was also responsible for organizing a small business symposium titled BLOOM, which brought together small business owners who had a vested interest in learning about free and low-cost consultation services to help grow their brands.

More recently, with public health safety measures in mind, Blumenfield has taken the BobCAT virtual with his small business outreach via Zoom meetings. He has also hosted virtual events to inform small businesses on economic relief programs such as government and private entity loans and grants.