Creating and Investing in the West Valley's Parks

One of Councilmember Blumenfield's top priorities has been expanding residents' access to open spaces and improved recreational facilities in the West Valley. Read below to learn about many of Blumenfield's efforts in each community.


LA River Aliso Creek Confluence Park, Reseda

After six years of hard work, in 2016 Councilmember Blumenfield hosted the grand opening of the brand new LA River and Aliso Creek Confluence Park, located on Wilbur Ave at Kittridge St. Between his years of service as Assembly Member and Councilmember, Blumenfield secured $7.2 Million for the creation of this park.This brand new park was born from an idea to take a vacant lot and transform it into a beautiful two acre park right on the LA River with one mile of walking paths, 3/4 mile of bike lanes, and an amphitheater. This park not only features expanded pedestrian paths and a river bridge that link it to the local community, but it is a destination park along what ultimately will become a 51 mile linear park River bikeway. Click here to learn more about Aliso Creek Confluence Park.


Lanark Skate Park, Canoga Park

In 2015, Councilmember Blumenfield opened the Lanark Skate Park, a massive 14,000 sq ft haven for skaters in Canoga Park. Lanark Recreation Center was identified as a potential skate park site by the Department of Recreation and Parks in 2008. Upon election to the City Council in 2013, Blumenfield worked with Recreation and Parks to make this a priority project for Canoga Park. The park was designed by New Line Skateparks and built by California Skateparks, and was partially funded by a Tony Hawk Foundation Grant. Blumenfield was joined by Tony Hawk at the inauguration. To improve public safety, Blumenfield also helped secure funding for security cameras at the park.


Winnetka Recreation Center, Winnetka

Councilmember Blumenfield has secured many amenities and improvements for the Winnetka Rec Center, such as a large fence in 2016 and a protective gate in 2017 for security. Additionally, Blumenfield is proud to announce a new basketball court, a walking path, and fitness equipment area that will be developed at the Winnetka Rec Center. These new amenities are already funded and are currently in the design phase.


Tarzana Recreation Center, Tarzana

Councilmember Blumenfield has been hard at work advocating for improvements to the Tarzana Recreation Center. In 2014, Blumenfield opened a new playground at the Center's daycare facility, and in 2015 he also secured the installation of a much-needed bike rack at the park. 


Warner Ranch Park, Woodland Hills

In 2018, Councilmember Blumenfield worked hand-in-hand with Recreation and Parks staff and members of the community to create new amenities at Warner Ranch Park, including brand new exercise equipment, a dozen permanent picnic tables, and over a mile of linear walking paths. 


Woodland Hills Recreation Center, Woodland Hills

In 2018, Councilmember Blumenfield opened the brand new Woodland Hills Rec Center. Before the upgrade, indoor facilities were packed into just 2,400 sq ft of space. This new jewel in the West Valley includes a 12,300 sq ft recreation center comprised of a gym, multipurpose rooms, a pool, showers, and support facilities. The center is LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) Gold certified and features 3,000 sq ft of solar panels on site. There are also three new playgrounds for kids of all ages, indoor and outdoor basketball courts, public art, free Wi-Fi and much more. 


Fire Station 84 Park, Woodland Hills (Canoga Ave and Costanso St.)

In 2015, Councilmember Blumenfield transformed what had become a neglected, blighted property into a beautiful new parklet, now known as the Costanso Fire Station 84 Park. Prior to the land becoming a nuisance property, it had once housed a fire station for more than 60 years and the new Park honors that legacy.  He did massive outreach to figure out and build consensus among the community as to how they wished the land to be used and once it was clear that a park was desired, he found the funding to create this unique local parklet. 


Haynes Street Greenway

Since 2017, Councilmember Blumenfield has been hard at work on the Haynes Street Greenway Project, located at 19941 Haynes St. . The Haynes Street Greenway is a City-owned parcel and the Department of Sanitation has been tasked with fixing the nearby drain. While working with Sanitation, Blumenfied worked with the community to make the site into a park to beautify the neighborhood and be a real amenity for the residents of Winnetka and Woodland Hills. Blumenfield has conducted extensive outreach to the community on the design process for Haynes Street Greenway, and has secured LA Sanitation/Environment to oversee the space. The Greenway will include drought tolerant plants, flowers, bushes, trees, walkways, shade structures, and bioswale to help with the diversion of stormwater runoff. Blumenfield is anticipating the site will have its groundbreaking in early 2022 and be ready by Spring of that year. 


Caballero Park

Passionate about building new green spaces for residents to enjoy, Blumenfield has been working to convert a 1.6 acre underutilized site into the Caballero Creek Park. This new park will be located at the convergence of the LA River and Caballero Creek in Tarzana and be a beautiful amenity for everyone to enjoy. This park is not only an investment for the community and watershed, but also in the health, wellbeing and future of the LA River. 

The Mountains Recreation and Conservation Authority (MRCA), Department of Recreation and Parks, Bureau of Sanitation, and General Services, and Los Angeles County have joined forces to design and complete the Caballero Creek Park. Blumenfield has also partnered with Reseda High School to utilize the new space as an outdoor classroom. The design utilizes innovative methods that lead to watershed protection, including a bioswale and a wetland component for storm water treatment. Blumenfield is anticipating the project to break ground in Summer 2021 and be completed by the end of the year. 


Serrania Park Advisory Board

To better meet West Valley residents’ recreational needs, Blumenfield worked hand in hand with Woodland Hills resident Karen DiBiase to form the Serrania Park Advisory Board. This endeavor started so residents could partner with the City Recs and Park Department to provide disposable dog waste pages for the public and since has grown into much more. In 2018, Blumenfield held a “Lemonade in the Park,” to meet directly with park goers and hear their issues and design solutions to improve Serrania Park. As a result of doing outreach and working closely with the Advisory Board, Blumenfield has gotten the City to put up replacement shade structures over the children’s play areas which had fallen into disrepair from vandalism. Blumenfield also has secured funds to improve the park restroom with ADA accessibility and new updates.