Bringing Warner Center into the 21st Century

Warner Center Transportation Technology Innovation Zone

In 2021 the Los Angeles City Council adopted Councilmember Blumenfield's motion to create a Transportation Technology Innovation Zone in the Warner Center. With its mix of office, residential and commercial uses and--compared to many other parts of Los Angeles--relatively uncongested streets and sidewalks, the Warner Center is an ideal location to test new technologies that can help reduce our reliance on fossil-fueled vehicles, improve access for all, and create a better quality of life. 

Councilmember Blumenfield is partnering with Mayor Garcetti, the Department of Transportation, Urban Mobility Labs, and community organizations to create a permitting process that will encourage innovation, ensure safety and bring new technologies to the Warner Center area. Some of these technologies--such as sidewalk-operated robotic delivery devices--are already in operation. This is another step toward making the Warner Center a true live-work-shop-play neighborhood and Blumenfield is proud to be part of this exciting initiative.


Warner Connects

Committed to improving mobility in the Warner Center, in 2019 Councilmember Bob Blumenfield launched "Warner Connects," a Transportation Management Organization (TMO) focused on encouraging the use of sustainable or alternative transportation such as walking,biking, public transit and carpooling.

By reducing traffic and encouraging transportation alternatives, Warner Connects aims to create a fun and active atmosphere for the entire Warner Center community, envisioned as a live, work, play, transit-friendly neighborhood under the Warner Center 2035 Plan.