Blumenfield Responds to False Accusations from Digital Billboard Robocaller

Throughout many communities in LA, a malicious hoax has been perpetrated against Angelenos. An anonymous automated caller has been spreading lies about my position on the digital billboards. To be clear, these messages are outright lies. I continue to stand against the billboard blight and there has not been any new legislation that would allow digital billboards to be put all over our community.


Again, this robocall was part of a massive misinformation campaign to confuse and mislead folks about digital billboards. To clear the air, no ordinance has been adopted by the Council. I have not supported allowing digital signage or billboards in our community.


The conversation around allowing digital billboards has spanned over a decade and there continues to be ongoing debate about the pros and cons and potential tradeoffs. Councilmember Harris-Dawson recently proposed a framework for potentially allowing digital billboards under strict circumstances, but much will have to be hashed out before the Council even considers this proposal.


Removing blight from the West Valley is a priority of mine and before any motion is taken up in City Hall I will always reach out to the community to listen to residents’ thoughts and concerns. I have firmly stood in favor of removing blight from the West Valley- such as when I put a ban on unhitched trailers.


Furthermore see the article below by Streetsblog refuting the misinformation campaign: 

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