Blumenfield Buzz- Week of October 21 2019

Measure HHH Funding Secured for West Valley Affordable Housing

Ever since the HHH bond measure passed, Councilmember Blumenfield has been encouraging developers to apply for and use HHH funds for low income and supportive housing in his district. For a variety of reasons developers have not stepped up. However, with this last round of HHH funding, Blumenfield is thrilled that one developer put forward an application.

Blumenfield is proud to announce that, with his full support, they were awarded the resources to create 80 more units, half low income and half supportive, in his district. The City still needs much more housing for vulnerable Angelenos but projects like this are key to addressing homelessness in the long term.

There was an additional proposal that was proposed to the HHH Innovation Grants Committee that would have opened up dozens of units within a few months but that was sadly rejected.

This was a proposal that Blumenfield helped conceive and negotiate. It was put forward by a nonprofit developer at Blumenfield’s request and involved purchasing a newly constructed but unoccupied market rate building and converting it to affordable housing by allowing for shared housing options. It would have been cheaper than some of the traditional HHH projects on a per unit basis and much cheaper on a per person basis.

Blumenfield said, “I’m disappointed that my ‘innovative’ purchase of a building proposal didn't get funded by the Challenge Grant Committee. It would have provided real housing for dozens of people within months. But, this setback will not deter our efforts to encourage and support needed housing in our community.”

Click this link to learn more about that proposal-

Blumenfield added, “From mental health and drug addiction to limited economic opportunities, there are many reasons people become homeless, but regardless of how, we need to continue to take major steps to ensure that there are more affordable housing options. Rent in a small apartment shouldn't cost more than the mortgages of neighboring homes.”


Message from Councilmember Blumenfield-Let's Get Prepared for the Next Emergency

Recently, the Saddleridge Fire displaced thousands of Angelenos. As our brave first responders were fighting the blaze, Nathan Wolfstein and my Emergency Preparedness Community Action Team (BobCAT) were hard at work getting necessities to our neighbors who were relocated to the many evacuation centers throughout the region.

People used to question my sanity for having warehouses full of emergency supplies and a community action team dedicated to keeping the supplies fresh and accessible. While this crisis may not have proved my sanity, it did prove the tremendous value of the BobCAT, its members, and their mission.

Once again, the Red Cross and organizations like the World Central Kitchen really stepped up and made sure evacuees were safe, cared for, fed and as comfortable as possible during this difficult time. And once again our community came together with many donations to assist with this fire as well as to help us stock up for the next emergency.

The sad reality is that with climate change, fire season is year round. We all need to take steps in our own lives to prepare as much as possible in case a fire, earthquake, or other disaster strikes. One of the easiest ways to start is by packing a ‘go bag’ for you and your family that will last a few days as well as create an emergency plan. As for the go bag, some of the things to keep in mind are:

  • Water
  • Canned food
  • Extra clothes
  • Animal food if you have pets
  • First aid kit
  • Prescription medicine
  • Some petty cash

When talking with your family about an emergency plan, here are some things to keep in mind:

  • Have phone numbers and contact information written down on paper in a safe place.
  • Designate a friend or loved one who lives far away to serve as the point of contact for your family to check in with in case local communication is not working properly.
  • Download NotifyLA, as well as the ShakeAlertLA and MyShake apps to your iPhone or Android so you are warned before impending earthquakes.

Remember, in terms of the next fire or when the ‘big one’ hits it’s not IF, it’s WHEN.


Blumenfield Hosts Homeless Connect Day at West Valley Food Pantry

Councilmember Blumenfield partnered with the West Valley Food Pantry on October 17 to host October’s Homeless Connect Day. These monthly events pair homeless persons with outreach workers under one roof. Rather than going from place to place for resources, homeless persons can take care of a wide array of issues, such as applying for a new driver’s license, seeking medical attention, receiving care bags, job assistance, and other forms of support all in one place. 

To learn more about this event, watch a recap from Blumenfield’s Facebook Live-Stream. Click here.

City Council Unanimously Passes Blumenfield's Ordinance to Expand Animal Rescues in Los Angeles

Last week the City Council unanimously passed Councilmember Blumenfield’s ordinance to expand where animal rescue and adoption centers can operate. Previously, an arcane City law only allowed pet rescues in industrial areas and prohibited them in commercial corridors.

“We need to do everything in our power to make sure every rescue animal finds their forever home and with the adoption of this ordinance we take a big step in the right direction,” said Blumenfield. “Together we are bringing animal rescues out from the shadows and taking Los Angeles one step closer to a No-Kill future.”

A few years ago, Rockin’ Rescue, an animal rescue facility on Ventura Blvd. in Woodland Hills, was threatened with closure unless they were able to get a variance. Blumenfield helped them through this cumbersome process, but wanted to make sure that no other organization dedicated to saving animals had to go through it again. Now animal rescues can move from industrial areas to more visible commercial zones along major streets. This will also ease the burden on LA Animal Services and ultimately save taxpayer dollars.

Thank you to Councilmember Paul Koretz and the many animal advocates along the way who helped this ordinance become law.


Important Notices

CicLAvia is coming to the West Valley! Please attend community meeting to learn more...


Get ready for CicLAvia with Metro's Bike Safety Classes!

Councilmember Blumenfield is partnering with Metro's Bicycle Education Safety Training (BEST) Program and the Los Angeles County Bicycle Coalition in November to offer bike classes at 3 different levels—Bike 1, 2, & CicLAvia Street Skills. All classes are free and participants receive a free helmet and lights. You can sign up for all three or any one of the classes that you choose. All classes will be at the Councilmember Blumenfield Field Office, 19040 Vanowen Street, Reseda, CA 91355. 

Metro BEST Bike 1 - Back to Basics

Sunday November 10, 2019
9:00 am - 10:30 am

Has it been awhile since you’ve been on a bike? Do you want to learn how to bike safely? The Bike 1 - Back to Basics class will help you improve your basic bicycling skills.
Metro BEST Bike 2 - Rules of the Road
Sunday November 17, 2019
9:00 am - 11:00 am
Do you want to make bicycling part of your daily travel routine, but you’re not sure where to start? The Bike 2 - Rules of the Road class will help you learn how to bike on city streets safely. 
Metro BEST Class + Ride: CicLAvia Street Skills
Sunday November 24, 2019
9:00 am - 11:30 am
Join us for a special bike safety class and ride on Sunday, November 24 presented by Metro, the LA County Bicycle Coalition (LACBC),  LA City Councilmember Bob Blumenfield, and CicLAvia. This is a unique opportunity to preview neighborhood highlights for CicLAvia The Valley and explore the community before the open streets event takes place on Sunday, December 8.


Requesting Feedback on How to Improve Tarzana Crossing

The vibrant community of Tarzana is in the running for a “Great Streets grant”. That would help make the intersection of Oxnard and Reseda a more pedestrian and business friendly area. In order to see the grant funds allocated to the 3rd district, Councilmember Blumenfield needs feedback from the community about what each of you would like to see happen at this location!

Please attend a workshop on October 29th at 5 pm at the San Fernando Valley Arts and Cultural Center (18312 W Oxnard St, Tarzana, CA 91356) to learn more and to share your thoughts about where different elements (crosswalks, lampposts, etc) are needed. Not able to make the workshop? Please go to to learn more about Tarzana Crossing and fill out this survey to help make our neighborhood a more beautiful place! Click here to start the survey.  





LA Conservation Corps: Cleanups in Action

The LA Conservation Corps are working hard to make a difference in the West Valley. One of their recent projects was servicing the median at Oxnard between Topham and Beckford. The LACC crew cleared all the weeds on this median, totaling 1430 pounds of trash. See below for before and after photos. Blumenfield has embedded the Corps into his office and set aside special funding from his budget to make these types of projects possible.


Los Angeles Homeless Outreach Portal

If you ever encountered a homeless person and wanted to help them, you can do so online.

LA County runs Los Angeles Homelessness Outreach Portal (LAHop), an online resource designed to streamline services to people experiencing homelessness. Residents are encouraged to fill out an outreach request if they encounter a homeless person needing help, struggling physically, or mentally.

This platform will not get someone off the streets immediately but it does get trained staff from the county to come out and directly offer services. It also helps get invaluable data on the homeless emergency in different, unique communities, so officials can better allocate resources. Users are encouraged to be as specific as possible about the well-being of the homeless person in their request forms, as homeless persons with more serious medical and mental health needs may be prioritized to the top of the list for outreach workers. Also, having a name and phone number for the homeless person is more helpful than just referring to someone on the street.

To start a request, please visit this link.



airbnb Complaint Portal: As the City and short term rental platforms finalize regulations, airbnb has asked Team Blumenfield to share this link to their anonymous neighbor complaint portal. Most folks who use short term rental platforms are responsible hosts but it’s vital to report issues so airbnb can help. Whether parties, trash, noise, or something else, airbnb wants to know so they can address any nuisances or problems.

The City also has a hotline and portal with information about home sharing-

General Info Website

Registration Website 

Hotline: (213) 267-7788



Update on Sidewalk Repair Program: The Sidewalk Repair Program is a cost-sharing program between the City and a private property owner willing to hire a contractor to repair the sidewalk adjacent to their property. The maximum contribution from the City is $10,000. Bureau of Engineering is going to reopen the sidewalk repair rebate program for a very limited time until they expend the remaining funding they have budgeted for the program. To learn more details about the program and how to apply, click here. 


Complimentary NFMLA Memberships: We're excited to announce that the Hollywood Foreign Press Association (HFPA) has committed to another year of underwriting 600 annual student memberships to NewFilmmakers Los Angeles (NFMLA) for current college and university students! These memberships will include access to all NFMLA Monthly Film Festivals for an entire year. Please alert students about the opportunity to apply ASAP by directing them to the following link. The deadline to apply is November 8th, 2019 at 5pm PT. You can also share the attached graphic through email blasts or social media postings.



West Valley Animal Shelter Pets of the Week

Bring home forever love, smiles, purrs and wags -- come adopt a shelter pet today!  Dogs, cats, puppies, kittens, bunnies, all sizes, types and fur lengths, from playful youngsters to gentle, loving seniors -- they are waiting for you at your local Animal Shelter!  Come fall in love at the West Valley (L.A. city) Animal Shelter at 20655 Plummer St., Chatsworth, (818) 756-9325.  See all  the L.A. City Shelter animals at

ALSO, if you have adopted any of the pets featured in a Blumenfield Buzz, it would be wonderful if you could reply to this email with your story and a picture. We will make sure to feature it in an upcoming newsletter.


Kyro- #A18975578- Kyro is just one year old and is an affectionate young boy. He loves when you pet him, especially above the tail. Already neuters and ready to adopt, Kyro is looking for his forever home.


Chrissy- #A1903647- Chrissy is also one year old and weighs a petite 11 pounds. A mini long-haired Dachshund, Chrissy has gorgeous, silky chocolate fur and cute floppy ears. 

Historic West Valley: CD3 Field Staff from 1961

Team Blumenfield is partnering with the Los Angeles Public Library’s (LAPL) photo archive for a new segment to highlight historic photos of the West Valley. This week's photo was taken right in Blumenfield's District Office in 1961 when it was the field office for then Councilmember Tom Shepard. Council staff member Marilyn Bencar, secretary to Councilmember Tom Shepard, is seen speaking to constituents and working through local issues. To learn more about this photo and use the digital photo archive, click the link here.


Local Business Spotlight: Sugar Free Markets

In preparation for October 25's special Food Day LA Presentation at City Hall, this segment is highlighting Blumenfield's West Valley honoree, Sugar Free Markets. Sugar Free Markets is a local business based in Woodland Hills that has been featured in LATimes, Patch, and many other publications for their health-conscious sweets. Some of their best products include vanilla nutella cookies, coconut muffins, and many other desserts including pies, cakes, and donuts. What makes Sugar Free Markets stand out is their ingredients: when looking through their extensive list of delicious desserts customers are surprised to learn how they are keto friendly, gluten free, sugar free, dairy free, low-carb and vegan. To learn more about Blumenfield's Food Day honoree Sugar Free Markets, please visit their website here. If you want to send some desserts to a friend who lives outside the State, Sugar Free Markets ships their products in all 50 states so everyone can enjoy their treats.

22882 Ventura Blvd,

Woodland Hills, CA 91364


Around Town

Blumenfield recognized public service honorees at the Canoga Park Elks Lodge 24th Annual Police and Fire Appreciation Dinner.


On October 15, Blumenfield joined community stakeholders for an informative meeting about the LA River Master Plan. 


To recognize LA's partnership with Japan, Blumenfield met with the Mayor, City Council Chair, and others representative of Tsuruga, Japan  to learn about the role their City played in helping 6,000 Jewish refugees flee Lithuania during the Holocaust. Tsuruga's "Port of Humanity", which welcomed those fleeing the Nazis, has become an icon of acceptance and tolerance.


This year, Team Blumenfield's  Economic Development Director Tricia Robbins competed at the Valley Cultural Foundation's Dancing with our Valley Stars Competition. It was a great night supporting the Valley Cultural Foundation, a fantastic organization which for decades has been bringing culture and art to the San Fernando Valley.