Blumenfield Buzz- Fall 2017

Valley Families Save With Blumenfield's LADWP A/C Exchange and Shredding Events 


On October 28, Councilmember Bob Blumenfield sponsored an air conditioner (A/C) exchange, a one-on-one utility bill review opportunity, as well as a massive paper shredding event at his District Office in Reseda. Constituents lined up their cars around Blumenfield’s parking lot to exchange their old window A/C units for free brand new energy efficient ones. Additionally, representatives from the Los Angeles Department of Water and Power (LADWP) were on hand to review bills and show residents how they could save up to 30% on their bill by taking advantage of Blumenfield’s A/C Tune Up Program.

“Both lowering Valley residents’ power bills and helping protect them from identity theft make a real difference for our communities,” said Blumenfield. “My district is the hottest in Los Angeles and I make it a priority for local LADWP staff to speak directly to residents to answer their questions so they know who to call in case they have water and power issues.”

Over 150 constituents brought trunk loads of old and sensitive documents to be responsibly recycled by the shredding truck Blumenfield provided.

 “Identity theft is a real danger and my constituents need to know not only know how to protect themselves, but I want them to make it easy. Thieves look for any advantage they can find, and by shredding old tax documents, health records, or credit card statements, you take a huge step in protecting yourself,” Blumenfield stated.

Additionally, Blumenfield also led a presentation on his A/C Tune up program which launched last year. The program is already saving thousands of ratepayers money on their energy costs. The program specifically offers air filter replacement or cleaning, outdoor coil cleaning, system diagnostic tests and a variety of energy efficient rebates all free of charge.

Homeless Connect Day in West Valley


Councilmember Bob Blumenfield, his staff and local service providers were able to help dozens of homeless individuals and families in the West San Fernando Valley via a "Homeless Connect" day. This was the second Homeless Connect Day Blumenfield coordinated with Los Angeles Family Housing this year.

“These events bring together the people who need help with the organizations that can provide shelter, food, legal assistance, addiction services and more,” said Blumenfield.  “While we can't force people to take services, Homeless Connect days help encourage people to accept help that is offered locally.”

Blumenfield wants thanked organizations such as Prince of Peace Church, Canoga Park Neighborhood Council, Woodland Hills Warner Center Neighborhood Council, the West Hills Sunshine Club, and community volunteers including Debbie Decker and Fern Peskin-White who helped make this day possible. Also, with the help and support of Senator Henry Stern and the offices of Assemblymember Matt Dababneh and Supervisor Sheila Kuehl, both homeless people and local residents learned more about what the different levels of government are doing to address the homelessness epidemic.

Blumenfield added, “While we can't solve our homeless crisis overnight, I am encouraged and heartened to see such good will and generosity in my district. This is an issue of humanity, public safety, and public health, and we must make sure that we do everything we can to tackle it with sufficient and appropriate services and strategies.”

To learn more about Blumenfield’s homeless efforts and find out how you can help service providers in the West Valley, please go to


Hiring Homeless to Collect Trash

Councilmemeber Bob Blumenfield recently co-introduced a proposal that would offer homeless people an opportunity to make an honest dollar as well as help clean up Los Angeles. The motion specifically asks city departments to create a framework for a pilot program that would employ homeless who also wanted to take advantage of services to clean litter from the public right-of-way.

The program will give an upper hand in the bid process to organizations that hire and provide supportive services to transitional employees, meaning organizations that provide opportunities for hard-to-employ people such as the homeless. By collaborating with nonprofit organizations to clear litter from the public right-of-way, the City is able to support its homeless population, expand local and transitional hiring goals, further the mission of the Clean Streets Initiative, and identify savings.

Organizations like the San Fernando Valley Rescue Mission have successfully established these sorts of opportunities in in the North Valley and Blumenfield has been working with local nonprofits to do this in Canoga Park.

Blumenfield Pushes New Initiatives to Help Protect Businesses from Transients

A few months ago, after discussions with LAPD and community advocates, Councilmember Bob Blumenfield launched an initiative to help business owners have more tools to protect their property. By submitting a ‘No Trespass’ authorization form to the LAPD, a property owner can enable LAPD and LAHSA workers authority to enter their site if there are trespassers and help prevent them from causing problems on the property.

“This is a simple form that allows LAPD to go above and beyond to help protect local businesses,” said Blumenfield. “If business owners haven’t authorized LAPD to access their property after hours when there are trespassers, then their ability to prevent crime on that property is more limited.”

Blumenfield has been supplying businesses with free and approved signs that say “No Loitering/No Trespassing” to comply with the law requiring proper posting.

Additionally, Blumenfield has also launched a program to encourage community members to donate to local nonprofits rather than panhandlers. He gives these signs to any local business or property owner that wishes to put them on their property. To learn more and Blumenfield’s homeless efforts in the West Valley, to get help authorizing your property, or to get a free sign, please go to or call Councilmember Blumenfield’s office at (818) 774-4330.

Checking in: the Southwest Valley Community Plan Updates

This summer saw a lot of activity related to the updates of the Community Plans for the West Valley. This initiative has been a key component of Councilmember Blumenfield’s push to have the most updated Community Plans in the City, and ensure a fair and balanced conversation on the future of each community in the third district.

During July and August the Los Angeles City Planning Department held community workshops in each of Blumenfield’s neighborhoods including Canoga Park, Reseda, Tarzana, Woodland Hills, and Winnetka. He made a point to participate in nearly all of them to hear what his constituents were saying about their neighborhoods and what the future may hold for development and change in the West Valley.

These workshops were an important first step in the 3 year process to update the Community Plans as the Department of City Planning relies on constituents concerns to help guide development. The Department continues to engage with the community now through tabling at community events such as the Reseda Art Walk and Canoga Park Farmer’s Market.

The Department wants to hear from you throughout this process to share your vision for West Valley neighborhoods and the City. Early in 2018, another round of workshops will commence so the Department can share draft concepts based on community input at that point. Keep informed, share your thoughts, and be part of the process by visiting or emailing the Southwest Valley Community Plan Update staff at [email protected].

Celebrating San Fernando Valley Veterans

Honoring Lt. Col Ed Reynolds


As part of the City Council’s recognition of Veterans Day, Councilmember Bob Blumenfield welcomed Woodland Hills resident Lt. Col Ed Reynolds to City Hall. Ed served the US Air Force for 22 years in a variety of positions including as a navigator on air refueling tankers, an intelligence officer and action officer at the Pentagon. He accumulated over 5,000 flying hours including 640 combat hours in 147 missions. Following his service, Ed has worked as an International IT Management Consultant at United Airlines and several defense contractors. He continues to help fellow veterans through organizations like Wings Over Wendy's right in the West Valley.

San Fernando Valley Veterans Day Parade


Councilmember Bob Blumenfield was joined by Mayor Eric Garcetti, Councilmember Monica Rodriguez, Congressman Tony Cardenas and Assemblymember Adrin Nazarian to kick off the 14thannual San Fernando Valley Veterans Day Parade. Beginning promptly at 11:11 am, marching bands, veteran’s organizations and ROTC from many West Valley schools, including Cleveland and Reseda High School, led the parade down Lauren Canyon Boulevard. Blumenfield provides buses to these students to make their participation possible.

“We are here to celebrate our veterans from all eras and the sacrifices that were made to protect our freedoms and way of life,” said Blumenfield. “This parade is just a small token of our appreciation.”

Fourteen years ago when Blumenfield worked for Congressman Howard Berman, he helped start this parade with another staff member, Fred Flores, and a committee of active community members. Fred’s son Alfred (of blessed memory) didn’t like having to go all the way to Long Beach to see a Veterans Day Parade. They decided his complaint had merit and the San Fernando Valley parade was born. Hard work and dedication continue to fuel it and he is proud that it has become a wonderful annual tradition, bringing thousands of valley residents together to celebrate and support veterans. 


West Valley Animal Shelter Pets of the Month


‘Odie’ - ID # A1741697- We've seen big ears, but Odie's win first prize!  Maybe if he flaps them, he could fly.  Odie, just 2 years old, is a tiny Chihuahua with a fantastic, fun & friendly personality. He acts like a puppy with lots of playful energy and enthusiasm for everything -- playing games with you, going for walks, and chasing after toys. Odie also loves curling up cozy in your lap for cuddles. He is a great choice for any fairly active home or even a home with children who are gentle enough for a very tiny dog like Odie.  


Ginger- ID # A1734159- Ginger is a 12 week kitten and she is super sweet.  She is an adorable Red Tabby girl, curious, playful, and always looking for fun.  Pick her up and cuddly Ginger's purr motor starts up instantly.  Ginger was lovingly raised in a foster home so she loves people and is extra friendly.  Please, Ginger must be an indoor-ONLY cat so she stays safe always.

Come to the West Valley Animal Shelter and bring home forever-lasting love, smiles, purrs and wags!  Big or little, long fur or short, purebred or unique mix, from playful youngsters to soothingly affectionate and wise seniors.  Come fall in love at the West Valley Animal Shelter at 20655 Plummer St., Chatsworth(818) 756-9325.  See all the city shelter animals at the L.A. Animal Services website.

Around Town


On November 4, Councilmember Blumenfield joined the Canoga Park Women's Club for their annual Veterans Day luncheon. 


With volunteers from the Church of Rocky Peak and the Canoga Neighborhood Council, Blumenfield led a community clean up in Canoga Park.


Blumenfield kicked off the West Valley YMCA Run at the Old Nike Missile Trail, offering some of the most beautiful views in the Santa Monica Mountains.


Blumenfield joined the Kittridge Neighborhood Watch on a river walk to discuss local problems and solutions.