Boething Treeland Farms Proposal

I have become familiar with the Boething Treeland project since it was first proposed in fall of 2016. The process for reviewing this project has only just begun. However I have heard from many neighbors about the proposal and the potential impacts it could create for our area.

It is obvious that this project has raised red flags for me and many others within the neighborhood. As with any development project, one of my foremost concerns is that the project fit into the neighborhood. This project, as proposed, does not meet that criteria as it is out of scale for the neighborhood. The project, as currently proposed, is not acceptable, and does not have my support.

My concerns related to this project are no secret. I spoke about it at a Woodland Hills Homeowners Organization meeting back in January. I have been forthright that I believe that this project will need to be rescaled if it has any chance of fitting in with the community. It will also need to go through an open vetting process with the neighbors and an environmental review before it can gain any support from me.

The project has a long road in front of it, and many important questions to answer regarding its potential impacts. I have raised many concerns with the developer and the Department of City Planning regarding this initial proposal. I have many questions related to how traffic would be handled, what grading impacts would occur, how much open space would be maintained, and how this project would fit into the fabric of our community.

Those questions are just the tip of the iceberg and many more will need to be answered by the owner to justify such a drastic change to what has for decades been private, low impact open space. As someone deeply committed to protecting open space and who used to work for the Santa Monica Mountain Conservancy, I believe drastic changes to this site or any open space site must meet a high burden of proof. 

However, I am not blind to the reality that this is private property, and that the site will be redeveloped in some way. Nonetheless, any proposed development must be done appropriately and contextually complement the existing neighborhoods it is a part of. Warner Center is the more appropriate area for density, this area should remain a cherished area of single family homes and community serving services.

I have relayed my concerns to the property owner and developer and I expect them to work with the neighborhood to come to a consensus on what is appropriate for that site. I generally refrain from taking a formal position prior to the Neighborhood Council process and other community vetting out of respect for the process and the dedicated community representative who spend their time analyzing development projects. I hope my expressions of concern about this project will not preempt or undermine their process, but rather serve as guidance to help focus it. Any proposed project must be better aligned with the type of neighborhoods it is part of. I am here to engage and work with the community to help shape a better project for our neighborhood.

It is my distinct honor and privilege to serve as your representative on the Los Angeles City Council.  Serving you and providing the highest level of constituent service is my top priority.  My staff and I always strive to resolve issues and concerns as quickly as possible. Should you have any questions please contact my Director of Planning & Land Use, Andrew Pennington, at (818) 774-4330.

The Environmental Impact Study has just begun and the DCP is taking comments on potential impacts and areas of concern. Please click this link to learn more about this process and know that the comment period lasts until July 20. Please remember this is just the beginning of the process and there will be many more opportunities to voice your opinions. Your engagement in identifying and solving problems is a key component of improving the quality of life in the San Fernando Valley. 

Photos from the Blumenfield Bike Ride

Thanks to everyone who came out for the 4th annual Blumenfield Bike Ride. Below are a few photos from the event.


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Public Safety Town Hall Questions and Answers

Recently, I hosted a Public Safety Town Hall with LAPD Deputy Chief John A. Sherman and the top brass of the West Valley and Topanga Divisions. Due to the two hour time constraint, not all of the submitted questions were able to be asked to our panel. Since I wanted to make sure that all of those questions got answered and shared with all who attended as well as our community members who couldn’t make it, my team and I have prepared written responses to all of the questions.

If you were unable to attend the event, it can be viewed here.

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Budget Survey 2017

Each year, ahead of deliberations of the City Council's Budget and Finance Committee, I turn to West Valley residents to determine their priorities for the upcoming budget year. The City continues to pursue ambitious solutions to the most pressing issues affecting our City including homelessness, housing, transportation accessibility and more, while maintaining the high quality of our police and fire services.

The Budget and Finance Committee's deliberations on the 2017-18 budget are set to begin on April 26. Hearings are broadcast live on the City’s public access network on Channel 35 and are streamed online here.

In order to help us make these tough decisions, please rank your budget priorities below:

Voice Your Thoughts on the Westfield Promenade Plan

As many of you know, Westfield has submitted a plan to the City that outlines their vison for the future of the Promenade site in Woodland Hills which they own.  With any site of this magnitude, this plan must be thoroughly vetted by relevant City agencies and your voice is a crucial in this process. Over the next few months, Westfield has been planning community meetings throughout the West Valley to discuss the details of the project with residents. I want to ensure that my constituents’ voices are heard and that each step of this process is transparent and meaningful.

There are a few dates before the new year that are important to this effort:

On December 14th at 6:30pm, the Woodland Hills Warner Center Neighborhood Council will be hearing a presentation on the potential Westfield Promenade project before taking it under consideration. This is a chance to hear the formal presentation, listen to the questions asked by the neighborhood councilmembers, hear Westfield’s responses and offer your thoughts during their public comment period.

Additionally, if you have a public comment that they would like to share regarding what environmental impacts should be studied for this project, please send it to [email protected] due by Monday December 12th at 4 pm. Doing so insures that it will be part of the official record. You can find more information about the Draft Environmental Impact Report (DEIR) and the specifics going forward here. There will be future opportunities for comment throughout the process.

For more background on the project in its entirety, here is a piece from the LA Daily News when Westfield officially submitted their plan.  

Blumenfield Community Budget Survey 2016-2017

Each year, ahead of deliberations of the City Council's Budget and Finance Committee, I turn to West Valley residents to determine their priorities for the upcoming budget year. As in previous years, this year, the City of Los Angeles continues to be challenged by a structural deficit. At the same time, the City is pursuing ambitious solutions to the most pressing issues affecting our City including homelessness, housing, transportation accessibility and more, while maintaining the high quality of our police and fire services.

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Are You El Niño Ready?

With this week's rains, El Niño is officially underway in Los Angeles.

El Niño is a weather pattern, a warming of the Pacific Ocean near the equator caused by a weakening of the trade winds that normally push sun-warmed waters to the west.


Strong El Niños usually mean above-average precipitation in the southern tier of the U.S. and warmer-than-average temperatures in the northern tier. Rainfall is often below average in the Ohio and Tennessee valleys and the Pacific Northwest. 

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Our Year in Pictures 2015

From my family to yours, wishing you a happy and a healthy new year ahead! As your Councilmember, I look forward to continuing the important work of bettering our communities in 2016 and beyond.

For more photos from the year that was and the year to come, be sure to follow me on InstagramTwitter, and Facebook.


2015 in Pictures

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You Ask, We Deliver: Keeping the West Valley Clean and Green

Earlier this year, you let me and my team know that you wanted more dollars set aside for blight removal and community clean-ups, and I delivered. Last week, I headed out to Reseda to check out the incredible neighborhood beautification work being done by the LA Conservation Corps Clean & Green team, work I am pleased to be funding in the West Valley.


In my annual budget survey this year I asked residents their top priority for the allocation of Council discretionary dollars in the district. The results were overwhelming: over 69% of respondents let me know that their top priority was the enlistment of Clean & Green to assist my Neighborhood Beautification Community Action team in beautifying local neighborhoods through clean-ups and blight removal. Consequently, I have brought on Clean & Green as part of my office's ongoing work to make the Valley and even better place to live, play, and do business.

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It's hot, hot, hot! Tips to stay cool and stay safe!

With extreme heat returning to the southland, I want to remind everyone of safety and health info for families as well as pets. -Bob

The National Weather Service has issued an Excessive Heat Warning for the City of Los Angeles through 8:00 PM. Thursday, September 10, 2015. Expect dangerous heat across portions of Southwestern California through Thursday. Maximum temperatures will reach dangerous levels across much of Southern California this week. The peak of the heat event will be Wednesday and Thursday and Friday will only be a few degrees cooler. It will be cooler over the weekend although maximum temperatures will remain well above normal. Temperatures are expected to return to near normal by early next week. The coastal areas are not included in this warning since the temperatures will not meet warning criteria. Still high temperatures away from the beach areas will reach into 90s making it very uncomfortable for people who do not have air conditioning. While the afternoon temperatures will present the greatest danger, overnight temperatures will be quite warm as well and will not allow for much relief. 

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