Apr 2020 City Council Recap

The City Council just virtually convened and together we passed some important legislation that will help folks struggling with the impacts of the COVID-19 emergency.

Protecting Jobs with ‘Right to Recall’

Today the City Council passed the amended ordinance authored by Council President Nury Martinez and myself that will protect the jobs of thousands of people who work at hotels, airports, commercial properties and entertainment venues. Known as ‘Right to Recall,’ this ordinance makes sure that people in these highly regulated industries who lost their jobs due to COVID-19 are given the opportunity to return when the emergency is over.

Over one million Angelenos have lost their jobs since the beginning of this pandemic and we must do everything in our power to make sure that their livelihood is waiting for them on the other side. I am proud that we worked with labor leaders like Ron Herrera, President of LA County Federation of Labor, to take this critical step toward protecting good jobs as we must continue to fight for those who have had their lives turned upside down.

Making Sure Tenants Know Their Rights With HCID Notice

Recently there have been many conversations among Councilmembers about how to legally protect tenants while making sure that property owners aren't left without income to pay their own bills such as property taxes and utilities. A few weeks ago, we passed an emergency ordinance that makes evictions of people impacted by COVID-19 illegal during the pandemic and offers tenants a year after the emergency order is lifted to pay back any deferred rent. Even with these new laws and the fact that the courts are not processing evictions during the pandemic, we have seen some property owners continue to try and evict Angelenos with misinformation and threats. Today the Council passed my motion to ensure that if property owners send any communication to their tenants regarding eviction, they must also include HCID’s detailed tenant protection form which outlines rights and resources.

Also, the rent was 'too darn high' prior to the pandemic and the thought that the 1 million Angelenos out of work due to COVID-19, let alone everyone impacted by the virus trying to keep a roof over their heads, could be subjected to a rent increase is horrifying. Costa Hawkins stands in the way of the City preventing rent increases during this time and therefore we have also called on the State to take action by temporarily suspending it.