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Blumenfield's Free Feminine Hygiene Products Proposal Advanced By City Council

February 05

LOS ANGELES – In an ongoing effort to provide free hygiene products, reduce ‘Period Poverty’ and improve fairness for women in LA, the Los Angeles City Council passed a measure authored by Councilmember Bob Blumenfield to report on the feasibility of providing these products for free in all restrooms in City-owned facilities. Women in the United States face economic disparities and inequities compared to their male counterparts, including the costs associated with basic hygiene such as menstrual care.

Women have little choice but to spend on average $150 to $300 a year on feminine hygiene products, USA Today reports, making girls and women of child bearing age choose between buying needed hygiene products, food, or other essentials. Promoting hygiene, wellness, and public health, Councilmember Blumenfield introduced this motion to make products readily available in public facilities to reduce the financial burden for women and provide a modicum of hygiene equity.

“It’s time to end the stigma around periods and menstrual health that has kept policymakers dragging their feet,” Blumenfield said. “Providing feminine hygiene products at no cost in City-owned facilities should be just as normal as providing toilet paper or soap.”


Councilmember Blumenfield Launches Effort to Divest City Pension Fund from Fossil Fuels and Shift Investments Towards Green, Progressive Companies

December 11

LOS ANGELES,CA - Today Councilmember Bob Blumenfield introduced legislation to authorize a comprehensive review of city civilian pension investments and craft a plan to divest from companies perpetuating and expanding the effects of climate change.


“It’s time to look into our collective financial health and, for the sake of future Angelenos, ensure that we no longer invest in companies that are literally killing our world,” said Blumenfield. “As the second largest city in the nation, it’s imperative that we lead by example and show the world that you can have profitable investments without embracing climate change enablers.”


Los Angeles City Employees' Retirement System (LACERS) has invested more than $100 million in oil companies, many of which have shown no interest in moving towards renewable energy. Consistent with the City's commitment to combating climate change, the City has a responsibility to divest LACERS pension holdings from fossil fuel companies that are unwilling to turn away from the production of oil. It is time for the leadership of Los Angeles to divest from oil companies that are actively contributing to the global problem of climate change and subjecting Los Angeles to unnecessary risk.


Importantly, climate change is not only a global environmental threat it presents a significant financial risk to shareholders of the companies that perpetuate it. From financial losses because of extreme weather to asset re-pricing as the global economy moves towards a low-carbon economy, investments in fossil fuel companies pose a climate-transition risk that may endanger the financial vitality of LACERS investments.


Some major cities such as San Francisco have already initiated a coordinated effort to divest their pension funds from fossil fuel companies. On October 10, 2018 the board of the $25.5 billion San Francisco Employees Retirement System (SFERS) voted to divest its shares in seven fossil fuel companies because they posed the highest climate transition risk according the SFERS’ Climate Transition Risk Framework that is based on 1) Fossil Fuel Reserves, 2) Operational Emissions, 3) Climate Policy Approach, and 4) Financial Health.


In Los Angeles 'fire season' has become a year-round event forcing evacuations of hundreds of thousands of people throughout the region, burning communities down to their foundations, and leaving municipal governments with billions of dollars in damages. According to NASA, the five warmest years on record have taken place since 2010. With much of the excess heat being absorbed by the oceans, global oceans have warmed by half a degree and the sea level rose eight inches in the last 100 years. Fires are burning longer and moving faster than ever before, coastal cities are faced with unprecedented storms and flooding, and hurricanes continue to devastate major populations centers like Houston, through the Gulf of Mexico, and up the eastern seaboard.


Blumenfield’s motion specially directs LACERS and city departments to report on:


·         Recommendations on the feasibility for the LACERS Board to adopt a similar Climate Transition Risk Framework to SFERS’ to identify investments in fossil fuel companies that pose an environmental and financial risk;


·         Options to create a climate-change watch list that will report the riskiest investments in fossil fuel companies and develop a strategy to engage with the respective companies to reduce their oil and gas reserves and increase their efforts to move towards renewables and address climate change;


·         A plan to divest from uncooperative fossil fuel companies and appropriately reinvest capital;


·         A watch list to identify other LACERS investments such as in tobacco and firearm companies that contradict the City Council’s official positions and goal to provide a healthy and secure future for Angelenos.


Blumenfield’s motion will soon be heard in the Budget and Finance Committee in which he is a member. It was seconded by Councilmembers Mike Bonin, Mitch O’Farrell and Marqueece Harris-Dawson.




Councilmember Blumenfield's Bold New Pilot Program to Clean Up LA River Passes Council Unanimously

December 10

Blumenfield establishes enforcement and outreach partnership pilot program with MRCA for LA River in the West Valley 

LOS ANGELES, CA – Today Councilmember Bob Blumenfield’s initiative to revolutionize environmental and law enforcement along the headwaters of the LA River unanimously passed the LA City Council. This program will establish a pilot program giving authority for the area to the Mountains Recreation and Conservation Authority (MRCA). Currently the River is a confluence of jurisdictions which has led to a number of difficult to resolve environmental and quality-of-life issues. Blumenfield’s plan will cut the immense red tape and bureaucratic hurdles that currently exist around solving these issues and improve the environment and safety of the area.  Rangers who regularly spend time on the river will be able to respond to any vandalism, illegal dumping, or problems in the area that discourage families from using the path.

“After years of finger pointing and lack of action, we will finally have one tested, competent and trusted governmental agency in the MRCA to handle the complex issues facing the LA River in the West Valley,” said Blumenfield. “This isn’t going to be easy but we needed to do something bold to help resolve these humanitarian and environmental issues.”

“As a community, we’re very excited about this pilot program, because it’ll address many of the challenges we’ve faced on an ongoing basis over the last four years,” said Evelyn Aleman, co-founder of the L.A. River Walkers and Watchers. “We're grateful to the councilmember for his bold leadership and collaboration toward finding short and long-term solutions to an issue that affects our community’s ecosystem and will impact others as the bike path is extended across a 51-mile stretch. It is our hope that this program becomes a part of the L.A. River masterplan."

For the past few years, Blumenfield has worked closely with the LA River Walkers and Watchers, a group of Reseda neighbors committed to preserving the LA River bike path, on a number of quality-of-life issues. On clean up walks together they commonly find needles in shrubs and along the bike path, soiled clothes, fires, vandalized structures, drugs stashed under bridges, as well as people on drugs sprawled out and completely blocking the paths and parks. Recently, drug and gang activity appear to have increased in the river area, resulting in at least one homicide. Additionally, downstream bacteria levels can reach unsafe heights if waste enter the river at the headwaters.


LA City Council Votes to Declare LA a 'Welcoming City' for Refugees Amidst Trump Executive Order

December 06

As the latest Order permits communities to reject refugees for first time ever, LA re-commits itself to welcoming all refugees, urges President to admit more refugees.  

LOS ANGELES, CA - On December 6, the Los Angeles City Council passed a resolution to declare LA as a 'Welcoming City' for refugees in response to President Trump’s latest executive order authorizing states and local municipalities to deny refugees resettlement. Councilmembers Bob Blumenfield and Mitch O’Farrell introduced this resolution and mobilized immigration activists from organizations including HIASADLSALEFIRCIILA, and many more to stand in solidarity with the LA City Council.

“Trump’s latest executive order is unconscionable,” Councilmember Bob Blumenfield said. “In the middle of the largest refugee crisis in recorded history, our President has issued an order allowing states and local municipalities to close their doors on refugees. LA is a world-class city that thrives from its diversity, and prides itself on welcoming all people.”

Councilmember Blumenfield has a history of defending refugees throughout his career in public service. When Blumenfield worked for Congressman Howard Berman, he helped to secure Temporary Protective Status for Central American families seeking refuge in the US.

Councilmember Mitch O’Farrell "The whole world needs to know that Los Angeles will continue to be a welcoming place for refugees who escape persecution. Once integrated in American society, refugees have historically had an outsized positive impact in the United States. For years, I've been partnering with SALEF to help asylum seekers at our US Border with Mexico, including those who identify as LGBT. This resolution ensures that the policy is inclusive of all communities in the City of Angels. Service providers in Los Angeles are ready to help refugees settle here in the country of their dreams and they have our support.”



Blumenfield's Fire Resistant Building Proposal Passes Key Committee

December 04

In the wake of devastating fires, Blumenfield’s motion will require safer building practices to reduce wildfire risk in Los Angeles neighborhoods

LOS ANGELES, CA – Moving to ‘harden the target’ for buildings in the path of potential wildfires, today Councilmember Bob Blumenfield’s comprehensive measure to expand fire-resistant building codes unanimously passed the Council’s critical Planning and Land Use Management Committee. Currently dense population centers like Downtown LA and Hollywood have stronger building codes to withstand fires with treated wood or other building materials, and this proposal broadens where more resistant materials are needed, especially in high fire risk areas such as the hills and other population centers of the San Fernando Valley. This motion also requires fire protection plans that help ensure safe construction sites when a structure is at its most vulnerable.

“California wildfires are deadly and can spread incredibly quickly when winds carry embers miles away,” said Blumenfield. “Year-round fire season is now our reality and we must do everything in our power to save the lives of Angelenos if disaster strikes close to home, including building safer and smarter to resist the flames.”

Today’s discussion comes following the release of Los Angeles County’s After Action Review of the Woolsey Fire Incident, a 200-page document which includes recommendations that the region increase requirements for construction codes.  Councilmember Blumenfield participated in the Woolsey Fire Task force as an appointee of Supervisor Sheila Kuehl.


Councilmember Blumenfield Unveils Bold New Pilot Program to Clean Up the LA River

August 09

Blumenfield calls for pilot program to establish an enforcement and outreach partnership program with MRCA along the LA River in the West Valley 

LOS ANGELES, CA – Today Councilmember Bob Blumenfield introduced a new initiative to revolutionize environmental and law enforcement along the headwaters of the LA River by establishing a pilot program giving authority for the area to the Mountains Recreation and Conservation Authority (MRCA). Currently the River is a confluence of jurisdictions which has led to a number of difficult to resolve environmental and quality-of-life issues. Blumenfield’s plan aims to cut the immense red tape and bureaucratic hurdles that currently exist around solving these issues and improve the environment and safety of the area.  

“The status quo around how we handle issues along the LA River is broken,” said Blumenfield. “I’m tired of the finger pointing around who is responsible for what and the time is now to bring in the MRCA, an organization that is tested, trusted, and perfectly suited to help resolve the complex, multijurisdictional problems we are facing.”

“We have made progress toward improving conditions along the LA River in our area in collaboration with Councilmember Blumenfield, but we need a unified enforcement entity for the River,” said Evelyn Aleman, co-founder of the L.A. River Walkers and Watchers. “The MRCA will bring much-needed support to neighbors living near and adjacent to the bike path, and help restore the bike path to its original use."


Blumenfield Launches Effort to Preserve Bothwell Ranch, Last Citrus Orchard in the Valley

July 03

LOS ANGELES, CA – Today Councilmember Bob Blumenfield introduced a motion for the LA City Council to consider the Bothwell Ranch, located at 5300 N. Oakdale Avenue, Tarzana, as a City Historic-Cultural Monument. The Bothwell Ranch has been part of the West Valley since owner Lindley Bothwell purchased the lot in 1926 to grow Valencia and Navel oranges for residents of the Valley to enjoy. Consistent with an architectural assessment from SurveyLA, the City’s Historic Resources Survey, Councilmember Blumenfield is taking action to try and preserve the Bothwell Orchard.

“For nearly a century, the Bothwell Ranch which straddles Tarzana and Woodland Hills has been a        family-operated enterprise that has captured the spirit of the West Valley,” said Blumenfield. “As a representative of our Valley community, it is my duty to help retain our Valley-identity. That starts by holding onto our special landmarks like the Bothwell Ranch.”

Much has changed since the Bothwell family first bought the 100-acre land in 1926. Los Angeles’ agricultural parcels have disappeared throughout the City as housing booms took land from farmers and their vast acreage. The Bothwell Ranch has survived decades of rising property values and has shrunk in size to now only include 13 acres of land.


Blumenfield Moves to Expand Fire-Resistant Building Practices

June 08

In the wake of devastating fires, Blumenfield aims to broaden safer building practices to more at-risk communities 

LOS ANGELES, CA – Today Councilmember Bob Blumenfield, along with Councilwoman Monica Rodriguez, introduced a comprehensive measure to expand fire-resistant building codes, which are currently only applicable in dense population centers like Downtown LA and Hollywood, to other high fire risk areas such as the hills and other population centers of the San Fernando Valley. This motion would also require fire protection plans that help ensure safe construction sites when a structure is at its most vulnerable.

“From the Da Vinci Fire a few years ago to the horrific Woosley Fire last November, Angelenos know that fires can happen in the blink of an eye and change your life in a flash,” said Blumenfield. “It doesn’t matter if you live in a tall apartment building downtown or live in the hills of the West Valley, it is imperative that we use every tool in our chest to make sure our high-risk communities are as safe as possible.”


Blumenfield Celebrates Acquisition of Newest City-Owner Performing Arts Center and Unveils Major Renovation Plan for Madrid Theater

June 07


Community leaders joined for a ceremonial key exchange and celebration for budding Canoga Park Arts Hub

CANOGA PARK, CA – Today Councilmember Bob Blumenfield was joined by General Manager of the Department of Cultural Affairs (DCA) Danielle Brazell as well as many community stakeholders to celebrate the acquisition with a ceremonial golden key exchange for the newest city-owned performing arts center in the West Valley. Dubbed the Canoga Park Stage Arts Lab (CPSAL), this site will serve as an incubator space for all types of local artists. Blumenfield also unveiled new renderings for renovations for the nearby Madrid Theater, another huge investment in his ‘Canoga Park Arts Hub.’

“While in our schools funding for arts and cultural education continue to be under siege and I am proud that today we welcome the newest public performing arts center to our city,” said Blumenfield. “With CPSAL, we open up our community to be transformed into an arts and entertainment destination where playwrights, actors, musicians and others can shape and highlight their work.”

"With the addition of this venue, which we are calling the Canoga Park Stage Arts Lab, the Department of Cultural Affairs hopes to usher in a new era of innovation that showcases the vitality of the local arts community and offers opportunities to develop artists and arts programming that will benefit the region. We are thankful for Councilmember Blumenfield’s vision, leadership, and support of this project,” said Danielle Brazell, General Manager City of Los Angeles Department of Cultural Affairs.

Nora Ross, CEO of the Valley Cultural Foundation, said, “The Valley Cultural Foundation is so excited for the West Valley Playhouse and all its future growth.  The benefits of the Playhouse will continue to bring, share and nurture the Arts while bringing so much to the West Valley. We are looking forward to supporting all that ventures through its doors.”


Locally Implementing Senator Kamala Harris' Proposal, Councilmember Blumenfield Calls to Close Gender Pay Gap with 'Equal Pay LA'

May 22

LOS ANGELES, CA –Inspired by a bold new proposal from US Senator Kamala Harris, today Councilmember Blumenfield launched ‘Equal Pay LA,’ a new local effort, co-presented by Councilmembers Monica Rodriguez, Mitch O’Farrell and Nury Martinez, to close the gender pay gap and hold bad actors accountable. Currently women in the United States are paid $0.80 cents to the dollar compared to what their male counterparts make and the burden of proof remains on the shoulders of the employee, rather than the employer.

“After hearing about Senator Harris’ proposal to hold corporations accountable for the gender pay gap, I knew Los Angeles should lead the way by implementing her idea locally,” said Blumenfield. “We really need to have a paradigm shift where instead of a worker having to fight for what is right, we should hold corporations accountable for continuing this injustice. Though California has the lowest pay gap compared to other states, anything short of complete equality is unacceptable.”

Councilwoman Nury Martinez said, “Since I’ve been in office, fighting for equal pay has been one of my top priorities. So much that I worked to remove all questions about salary history from City job applications to close the gender wage gap. It is ridiculous that in 2019 women across the United States are still getting paid just $0.80 cents for every dollar paid to men. As a City, taking this important step forward in ensuring women get paid equally as men for a hard day’s work, is the right direction in creating a more equitable future for the next generation. It’s the right thing to do, especially now, when women's rights are under attack.” 

"It's simple -- women deserve to be paid as much as men for equal work," said Councilwoman Monica Rodriguez. "Latinas on average make $0.53 cents for every dollar paid to men. We must close the gender pay gap to ensure that women of all backgrounds are compensated fairly."


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