John Popoch

John brings a wealth of experience to crafting a thoughtful policy agenda as a senior advisor to Councilmember Blumenfield having worked for him for over ten years. His duties include overseeing the legislative staff; being the primary liaison between upper management in the City and intergovernmental offices; staffing Chair Blumenfield on the Public Works and Gang Reduction Committee; coordinating district projects including new parks; and serving as Councilmember Blumenfield’s alternate on boards such as the Upper Los Angeles River Working Group and the San Fernando Valley Council of Governments.

John worked for then Assemblymember Blumenfield during his five years of service in the State Assembly. He previously worked as an on-air personality for KDES 98.5 FM in Palm Springs and in media relations for the Los Angeles Kings Hockey Club.

John is a native of Ottawa, Canada, however, his cousins settled in the Third District in the mid-1950s. He is a graduate of the Executive Program in Management from UCLA and a proud alumnus of Long Beach State. He lives in the West San Fernando Valley with his wife, Denise, and their two children, Zoe, and Jack. 

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